It's super frustrating to work with computers for a living, because it means I know:

1) Exactly how bad they are
2) Exactly how good they can be under perfect circumstances
3) Why we have 1 instead of 2.

@June @ajroach42
With such relaxing and stress-free professions such as firefighter, bullfighter, window cleaner, bomb disposal technician, lion tamer, fisherman in the northern seas, for example, we had to choose to work with computers...=)

@lightweight @ajroach42 Most people working in the tech industry are incompetent. Being technical yourself enables you to see that. The frustration is that the masses of normies are so clueless they’re blind to it and their blindness effectively enables the incompetence to carry on. They don’t walk away when they should & it’s strictly a game of separating fools from their money/data.

@koherecoWatchdog @ajroach42 yes. Agreed. That's why I suspect that at some point in the future (if there is one), we'll recognise that we're now in the midst of a digital Dark Age:

@DaveSanders @ajroach42 @lightweight Not sure why you say “nah” without contradiction. Indeed most people are incompetent regardless of trade. What’s unique about the tech sector is non-tech people are blind to the incompetence.

@koherecoWatchdog @DaveSanders @lightweight

That's absolutely not unique to the tech sector.

Most car people are not Great at their job. Most non-car people can't tell that.

Most HVAC people are not Great at their job, most non-HVAC people can't tell that.

Most people, in most industries, are not Great at their job. That's how Great works, if everyone was Great, it'd be normal.

Every industry is full of people. People are flawed. Tech isn't special.

@ajroach42 @lightweight @DaveSanders Car drivers know when they drive away from the mechanic & new sounds emerge or the thing breaks down on the way home, etc. You don’t need to be a mechanic to know when they remove your oil cover & set it downwards on the dirty floor that you have an incompetent mechanic. You know when you have to replace a swamp cooler tube despite winterization that the guy failed to drain it.

@DaveSanders @lightweight @ajroach42 Tech is different because incompetence does not manifest in a way that’s detectible to a non-tech person. They haven’t the slightest grasp of how code should be written. If they look at it, they don’t know what they’re looking at. But anyone can look at a plumber’s pipework and e.g. see that the solder doesn't go all around the fitting.

@koherecoWatchdog @DaveSanders @lightweight I disagree. Non tech people can see when the app is slow, they can see when the requests don't complete. They can see that things are buggy and glitchy.

They don't know why, but they see how.

@ajroach42 @lightweight @DaveSanders There’s a bigger divide in the tech sector between normal users who face a black box so mysterious that when something is glitchy they don’t have a clue where to place the blame. They don’t know if the fault is with the app, or the protocol, or the network, or what a protocol even is. They don’t know if it’s the client app or the server. Common knowlege is lower on tech.

@DaveSanders @lightweight @ajroach42 Consumers usually just blame their own hardware appliance when there’s an issue. They buy a new PC, or new phone, when the problem has nothing to do with their hardware.

@ajroach42 @lightweight @DaveSanders It’s largely due to complexity. There are only so many things a non-plumber would fail to see, like whether their plumber properly reams a pipe before soldering. But in the tech industry there are countless invisible artificts of incompetence, like data being exfiltratrated without notice, which often stems from non-free software.

@koherecoWatchdog @lightweight @DaveSanders

A non-plumber wouldn't notice lead in the pipes, just that they feel sick.

A non-doctor wouldn't notice sloppy over-prescriptions, just that its expensive.

A non-engineer wouldn't notice suboptimal drag on their car, just that it gets shit gas millage.

A non-barista won't understand that their barista knocked all the air out of their cappuccino, just that the texture is wrong.

Every industry is built on people who have knowledge selling that expertise, and every industry is full of people who know something exploiting people who don't.

It's just the way the world works.

@koherecoWatchdog @lightweight @DaveSanders

This sounds more like the myth of tech exceptionalism than it does like a real thing.

But I also don't care enough to keep arguing about it.

You believe tech is somehow special compared to the rest of everything else that people have ever done.

I think tech is the same shit with a new coat of paint.

It doesn't matter.

Have a nice day!

@koherecoWatchdog @lightweight @DaveSanders And most people would understand that we're violating tech best practices if they took an interest or had the ability to see, what's your point?

@ajroach42 as a journalist in the IT industry as well as a computer user, I agree completely.

@ajroach42 yeah I feel the pain too. Occasionally I imagine in 50 years or so people learning about the early 21st Century in History classes and laughing at us and making comments like”the fools used AGILE methodology lol”!

@CyberMat75 That assumes people will learn about us in 50 years. I somehow doubt that.

@ajroach42 Also every time you work with computers for a <institution> you get to see just how much (or little) string and bailing wire is actually holding it all together 😅

@ajroach42 @aviancer
I usually say "it's held together by duct tapes and prayers"

@ajroach42 so... Have you already thought about a cabin in the woods and doing some woodworking? 😉

@Drezil I live several miles down a dirt road, on the side of a mountain, surrounded on all sides by acres of trees. At home, I can only get DSL, and I'm so far from the dslam that I top out at 400kbps on a good day.

@ajroach42 so.. why computers and not woodworking than? 😉

In my circles it's a running joke that if things get overwhelming that you say "f everything. I'm moving into a cabin and to something with my hands. Woodworking sounds pretty nice" ..
Or short.. ".. something with wood🤔"

@Drezil I run a makerspace where I make toys and do pottery and produce lots of videos. I write, I do archival work. My wife runs the local coffee shop.

I'm good at SRE, and it pays well and lets me work remote. If any of those things stop being true, or if I can survive on one of those other things, I won't do computers for other people anymore.

@ajroach42 at least once a week I will exclaim to whoever is within earshot in the office that "I fucken hate computers".

@ajroach42 We're in a bridge state in tech right now. In short years computers will, by and large learn and program themselves and evolve more quickly than they can be coded. Not clear this will be good times

@stephen @ajroach42 but m68k has the operands in the wrong direction! and the endianness in the wrong direction!

@Rairii @ajroach42 I will concede the endianness is bad but M68K assembler is amazing, even if it means reversing the operands around!

Someone should write a new M68K assembler that has the operands the other way around, that assembles into the same machine code
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