Hi everyone, please join me in telling @GIMP to change their name.

@ajroach42 @GIMP Yes please for the love of dogs change your name it's been YEARS!!!

@stefan @ajroach42 In American English, gimp is a sexualized term referring to a person into the kink and/or fetish of wearing rubber and being subservient to another dominator/dominatrix.

@vertigo @stefan That too, but it's also just an ableist phrase used against people with mobility problems.

@ajroach42 @vertigo @stefan

in UK although the term has been used as a general insult (albeit an outdated one) its nowadays more often associated with the BDSM outfit, but for both reasons does mean this software with the present name is unsuitable for use in schools/family environments and professional office environments..

@vfrmedia @ajroach42 @vertigo @stefan
Small addendum: this is not theoretical, many people have reported that their department would not sign off on a class that would teach this software because they saw the name and noped right the fuck out.

If the developers took free software adoption seriously, they'd change the name. 🙃

@ajroach42 @stefan @GIMP So is #sane, which is the name of a software for operating scanners.

@ajroach42 @n8chz definitely all of them should change their names; I just wanted to make sure this wasn't a "this is just as bad, so we should ignore all of them" sort of comment (which is how I read it; I apologize for the misunderstanding).

@ajroach42 @GIMP please! just a word or two difference and suddenly I can reasonably recommend the software to people

@selea I'm a glimpse user and donor, but the project is not currently under active development. @glimpse

@ajroach42 @GIMP seriously it’s 2022, and there are So Many Words at your disposal!

@ajroach42 @GIMP The main reason would be to stop people asking for the rename. However, if it were done, why not just name it Wilber

@ajroach42 @GIMP honestly. I can't bring myself to install your code with a name like that.

@ajroach42 tautoko, pls @GIMP make the change, it is beyond overdue (ie. should not have been named this way in the first place)

Yeah concurring here. I love the software but the name makes me cringe every time I use it.

@GIMP please change the name of your product. It wasn't funny when you first started the project, and it hasn't got any funnier in the many years since then.

@ajroach42 @GIMP As much as my brain, whilst seeking alternative spellings, enjoys coercing "GNU IMP" to "GNUMP" for some reason, it is very counterproductive and I would rather call it some other agreed-upon name that isn't hateful and embarrassing.

@ajroach42 Fuck that, better to just report them. It’s what you’d do if an app showed up called the n-word, for example. The fact that it’s been around for a long time is irrelevant (if anything, it makes it worse that people have accepted it for so long).

Their instance code of conduct claims they don't allow ableism, let’s find out if that’s true.

@ajroach42 they still haven't? Hasn't this been called out for years?

Bad @GIMP, bad.

@jifka @ajroach42 @GIMP I was so happy to be able to download @glimpse when that project was active, and still use it instead of the other one. A humanist approach was so refreshing.

@ajroach42 @jifka @GIMP I’m still disappointed that the change-algebra Darcs was built around never caught on. (And that git doesn’t speak English, tho that’s a different kind of problem.)

But I think what I really want is a VCS that understands the AST and doesn’t make the weird merge errors git makes

@GIMP @ajroach42 hmmmm… Libre Image Manipulation Program (LIMP)?

Open Source Image Manipulation Program (OSIMP)?

Libre Image Manipulation Application (LIMA)?

@stephen @enron @GIMP ah shit I can't even

Libre Image and Graphics Manipulation Application.

Please install ligma.

@ajroach42 @GIMP zsh alias made, now i just need to rename all of my xcf files to different body parts with no file extensions

@ajroach42 @stephen @enron And don't forget the plugin! Bitmap Algorithmic Library for Linear Scaling. :blobcat3c:

@ajroach42 @GIMP as someone who had a severe hip injury that turned into a lifelong disability while serving in the US Navy, I must say that as much as I love Unix based OSes and open source projects, I have never once used this software because of the name. You get nothing out of having it, and lose a lot by keeping it.

Seriously, @GIMP, you don't get to define what is and isn't ableist.

Change the name, and stop being precious about not doing it.

@ajroach42 Yo Gimp, change your name.

@ajroach42 Love the app. Hate the name. I don't recommend it to people because it's 2022 and not 1970.

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