We're watching Doctor Who. I'm on the Second Doctor, on a cybermen serial.

It's beautiful, somehow. I've watched a lot of really ugly TV recently, and this isn't. It does not look like video, so I wonder if this episode was shot on film, or if PAL really just looked that much better than NTSC.

(Okay, so it's black and white and the 60s. It's not PAL, and it wouldn't have been NTSC, probably, but whatever.)

70s who is just so Cozy.

If we could produce some nonsense like this for I'd be happy.

Like, I'm seriously considering trying to replicate every shot in one of these episodes with some new dialogue and characters, and just see what that gets me.


85% of the conflict in an episode of 70s who is just "the doctor was negligent and people got hurt"

@ajroach42 Somebody has probably already written this, but:

The TARDIS unexpectedly materializes in Oz, atop the Wicked Witch of the East.

@ajroach42 This is better than classic Superman who was just a careless asshole

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