Good morning fediverse. I'm off work for the next few days ( but I'm still the production incident manager for the rest of the week.)

I don't want to talk about the so called holiday we're supposed to be celebrating in the states today. Instead, I want to talk about your favorite pieces of independent media.

What's the best amateur TV show you've ever seen? The best fan film? The best backyard blockbuster? The best diymedia?

Bonus points for links for consumption.

Extra bonus points for cc-by or cc-by-sa

Extra extra bonus points if you were involved with the production yourself and willing to be interviewed about it.

@ajroach42 The Fandom, a furry fandom-produced documentary:

It's so much better than the outsider and often gawky documentaries that seem to be the norm.

@ajroach42 I'm not sure of the current platform status, but they might be willing and able to let you run it on your TV thing

@ajroach42 I mean, I realize they got a lot of money funded for it, but does the Gizmoplex count?

@ajroach42 They aren't amateurs but they are independent...can I give a shout out to @UnicornRiot . Their media coverage was the heartbeat of the twin cities in the days, weeks, and months after George Floyd's murder at the hands of the MPD.

@ajroach42 @UnicornRiot here's some more excellent independent media from the Twin Cities.

King Demitrius Pendleton of LISTEN Media (LISSSSSAAAAN!!)


@ajroach42 not sure if this counts or not, but I have always loved this collaborative music video PUP made. They gave out tabs/lyrics to one of their songs before the song was released and then asked fans to submit videos of themselves covering it without having heard it. They edited the submissions into their video; it always makes me smile and long for a more wholesome Internet.
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