Hey! Send me you or your friend's small businesses so that I can spend money with real people this holiday season.

Describe the business and give me a link. Etsy store and ebay stores and bandcamp links are fine.


I'm not going to be purchasing anything on today, because next friday is bandcamp friday when 100% of sales go directly to artists.

However! I do need some recs for next week.

I want to buy music from real people, so bonus points if you're sharing your own music.

It's the holiday season, so I'm also looking at merch and physical copies to go with digital downloads.

I have $1,000 set aside to buy music from real people, mostly to give to other people, for the holiday season, and I'd love for you to help me spend it.

@sugarbell This is a band? I'm finding a lot of hits on bandcamp for sidewalks and skeletons, but no definitive page.

Could you help me out?

@iolarah I've spent 10 years trying to come up with a good answer to that question, and I think the best I can do is to say I'm not.

I'm not in to a specific genre or style of music. I can find something I like in nearly every genre, and much more that I don't.

But also, I'm buying music for other people who have tastes different from mine.

I'm not asking for what you think I'll like, I'm asking for what you like.

@ajroach42 Well in that case! :D Hope you find some things you enjoy.

Patrick Cowley
Tanya Tagaq
Snotty Nose Rez Kids
Drab Majesty
HEALTH (Death Magic & Slaves of Fear especially)
Author & Punisher
Hotel Pools

@ajroach42 Oh, that’s easy, anything by Leafcutter John (who you might know from Polar Bear).

Here’s a song I love:


@50in39 There's a brand of asian fish sausage called STICKMAN FISHCAKE that I accidentally stumbled across while lost in an unfamiliar city 7 years ago.

It stuck with me. I respond Stickman Fishcake when asked for information I don't have.

Your music sounds like the kind of thing I would have heard on the radio when radios still played music worth listening to.

Thank you for sharing.

@ELRRocks I'm not excluding any genres or styles because I'm not just shopping for myself. I just want music that is special.

@ajroach42 I'd be happy to email you some suggestions if you like. Just had a gander at your website so I know where to find ya.

@ELRRocks Is there a particular reason you'd rather email them than share them here where I can boost them?

@ajroach42 Oh, I can post here if you prefer. Just so many bands I'd love to mention. Mostly Metal, Metalcore & Prog Metal but also Rock in the more traditional sense. Many independent bands that I play & can use the exposure. I've got my show coming up soon so will post something tomorrow for you.

@ajroach42 depends on genre, but LOVE Arrested Development’s latest 2 albums, also Yuri Tománek and Exist Strategy.

@fnafilms Why does it depend on genre?

Googling Arrested Development isn't going to prove fruitful. I'm seeing lots of things called that.

Ditto Exist Strategy.

Mind giving me pointers to the ones you mean?

@ajroach42 well specifically on Bandcamp. I maybe misread your OP. My friend produced AD’s last two albums For the FKN Love in particular is great and on Bandcamp. Exist Strategy is a great Canadian musician, he makes beau’s ambient music. Has about 5/6 great albums on there- if that’s your thing.

@ajroach42 Discovered this album a couple of days ago and absolutely love it. It's what you might call folktronica, but pretty unclassifiable really

@ajroach42 yeah man, isn't it? I heard it on Night Tracks on BBC Radio 3 and it blew me away. The 2nd track in particular is a masterpiece.

I'm going to throw long time internet buddy @Traiken 's blend of electronic post rock:


They've got guitars to feed, after all.

@ajroach42 I make music as a living using reused stuff (mostly old synths and videogame consoles) and more modern stuff for various people. I also have merchs ^^

@ajroach42 hey there! I make symphonic heavy metal, if that's something you're interested in. I've only got 4 singles out there now, but a full album is coming next year. It's all just me, doing this "on the side" in my spare time, so it's a painfully slow process. But I'm getting there!

Of the 4 songs, the one that's probably most commercial is "Prudence". Check it out if you get the fancy! It's a song about rescuing a pregnant cat (not kidding). 😀

@ogdimora @ajroach42 i like it, thx. Also clearly I just found out about a new instance I need to care about.

@ajroach42 I did a music project called ‘12 Songs’ under the name Distance Of Hope where I released a new single and video at 12pm on 12th of each month for 12 months. I wanted to try a new genre each month. Have a listen! distanceofhope.bandcamp.com/mu… #music #newmusic #bandcamp #bandcampfriday

@ajroach42 Hello Andrew, here's my music I did under my Keno name (also on vinyl available): keno.bandcamp.com I renamed the project Lehto earlier this year and have also released an album under that name: lehto.bandcamp.com maybe you like some of my music. Greetings from Germany //David


Hi, and thank you for doing this.

Here's my band Fit and the Conniptions #Bandcamp page: fitandtheconniptions.bandcamp. - it's sort of an anti-folk-punk bass / fiddle / banjo / drums trio, latest release has no guitars on it and is more overtly lefty political, older ones do have guitars and are more bluesy.

Enjoy, (or not) and thanks again :)

@conniptions nice. I'm ordering food right now but I'll put this on later.

@ajroach42 Mine is all a few years old now, nor can I manage merch at the moment alas, but sharing in case some quite stripped-down folk appeals: merrythefolk.bandcamp.com/

Also recommended: Lady Maisery. Gorgeous folk trio, stunning instrumentation and harmonies.

@ajroach42 Hey, wooo, you are really cool!
I have recorded two special solo albums with classical guitar music and field recordings. On the first Album I would recommend to hear my interpretation of "Koyunbaba" and on the new album the "Fantasie" of Ali zade. Both are beautiful masterpieces, and I gave my very best and studied months and even years to be prepared for the studio. I hope you can hear it! janniswichmann.bandcamp.com/

@ajroach42 I'm pretty proud of what I've made so far at genderfaerie.bandcamp.com/ - none of the songs I've written are really like any of the others, and I'm hoping to do more this winter

@ajroach42 Greetings. @suzy and I are full time musicians and almost everything ourselves: writing to marketing - recording to booking gigs. You could start here for physical shop.starlite-campbell.com and digital here starlite-campbell.bandcamp.com | If you want to take a deep dive see our new Art Rock multimedia project starlite.one #BandcampFriday #Music #ArtRock #Musician #IndependentMusic #Bandcamp

@ajroach42 I'm not sure what sort of music you like, but my Bandcamp collection and wishlist might provide some ideas? bandcamp.com/quadrivial

@ajroach42 I run a label - jazz, psychedelic drone improv, horn + beats, ritual industrial metal and other stuff.

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