Remember all the stuff Geek and Sundry was doing 10 years ago?

It wasn't exactly DIY, but it was an interesting turn at independent media.

Did it work? Could today? Who imitated it?

@ajroach42 it was amazing stuff. I believe they sold to some other company and all of a sudden it became bad.

I didn't even know they sold. I just noticed the quality dropped like a rock, and when I learned about it, it became obvious.

@ajroach42 It did work. It's style was heavily copied by World Of Darkness, and they've been doing great with it.

@roadriverrail I haven't heard of world of darkness, what kinda stuff do they do?

@ajroach42 World Of Darkness is the brand covering TTRPGs such as Vampire: The Masquerade. Geek And Sundry produced an actual play show called "Vampire: The Masquerade: LA By Night" and carried the first 3 seasons of it directly themselves. Since Geek And Sundry fell apart, not only has much of their talent worked on/through LA By Night and NY By Night, but World Of Darkness copied the format of Geek and Sundry, with a news show, after-game talk shows, etc.

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