I've seen all the Star Trek and most of the other Star Trek like shows that have ever been made.

What are your favorite shows about people on a spaceship?

Spaceship shows I've watched 

Space Patrol
Tom Corbett Space Cadet
Rocky Jones Space Ranger
The one existing episode of Space Command
Space Academy
Space Patrol (UK)
Space Patrol Orion (DE)
Star Trek TOS
Star Trek TAS
Star Trek TNG
Star Trek VOY
Star Trek DS9
Star Trek SNW
Star Trek Disco
Babylon 5
Battle Star Galactica
Battle Star Galactica
Red Dwarf
Space Cases
Blakes 7
The Expanse

Probably others?

But at least those.

I'm downloading Farscape now to watch on the plane. Any other suggestions?


Spaceship shows I've watched 

Yes, I have also seen lower decks, firefly, the Orville, star trek continues and new voyages, space 1999, flash gordon, buck rogers, the 50s flash Gordon, the 30s/40s buck rogers and flash Gordon, and pretty much every filmation cartoon.

Spaceship shows I've watched 

@ajroach42 what's your favorite?
I like firefly very much, anything you'd suggest that's "kinda like that" ?

Spaceship shows I've watched 

@shapr The long way to a small, angry planet is like that, but it's a book.

Blake's 7 has a similar "we're on the wrong side of the law and trying to get by" thing going on, but it's very british, and that can be a turnoff.

Otherwise, no.

Spaceship shows I've watched 

@ajroach42 I'll try the book, thanks for the suggestions

Spaceship shows I've watched 

@shapr Space 1999 and BSG are probably my favorites from a visual standpoint.

I adore Space Patrol, but it's as hokey as they get.

Space 1999 is the only spaceship show I have found that is mostly just about "wow, it's weird being in space" and not "let's kill people".

I prefer the former.

Spaceship shows I've watched 


Well, let's see... what's missing?

There's also:

Nadesico (parody -- and yet...)

Tenchi Universe: Space (it's kind of a self-contained arc -- fun and silly space opera)

Planetes is high art / hard-sf, which is rare in anime.

Crest of the Stars / Banner of the Stars is interesting, albeit slow.

Dark Matter is fun, albeit sort of incomplete.

Speaking of incomplete, you should check out "Mighty Space Miners" -- potential, but unresolved.

Spaceship shows I've watched 

@ajroach42 Red Dwarf?

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