I am a simple man. I do not want many things.

I do want:

- Decent internet
- Good music
- Independent media
- Open protocols
- Garlic Naan
- Chana Masala

Today, I have

- Okay internet (much better than the sub 1Mbps I am used to)
- Great music ( )
- new material going up on
- a federated social network
- Takeout from a place called Naan and curry.

Tonight's Chana Masala is on the spicier side compared to what I can normally get/make.

It's very good.

@eviloatmeal @ajroach42

This was a pretty easy Chana masala recipe.

Though i don't know how well it compares to other recipes.

@alienghic @eviloatmeal

I honestly don't know. My wife makes it most of the time. When it's my turn I usually just buy a canned sauce, grind and toast some fresh spices (again, I'm not super sure what's in it. My wife keeps a spice blend on hand) and throw it all in to simmer.

@ajroach42 (writing all this down) and do you want rice with that Open protocols?

Nice! I'm a fan of the recipe at . Dried chickpeas are quite cheap, and the spices are cheap too if you have an Indian grocery store nearby.

Ah that's unfortunate. My wife went vegetarian a few years back and Indian food has been great for that.

@ajroach42 Oh hey, welcome to my side of the continent!

@ajroach42 Poem: I am a simple man, I do not crave a lot, The things I want are limited, To what I haven’t got

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