Cursed "audiophile" bullshit teaser 

What could these tubes be in?

Cursed "audiophile" bullshit reveal 

Did you guess 3D bluray player?

Cursed "audiophile" bullshit 

It's a tube preamp for the audio section, which almost sounds reasonable until you remember that it's a fucking bluray player. Anyone with a home hifi setup who actually wants a tube preamp will have an Outboard tube preamp connected to a real poweramp.

They won't be using the 7.1 surround sound built into a bluray player.


Cursed "audiophile" bullshit 

So of course I bought it.

I'm looking for any promotional advertisements I can find on the thing.

Cursed "audiophile" bullshit 

@ajroach42 and they could have used nixies instead of an LCD, missed opportunity to sell audioheads more tubes

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