We've been watching some domestic television from NZ, and I'm kind of marveling about it.

NZ is small! About twice the land area of my home state of GA, but with half the population.

Or, compared to CA, NZ is less than 40% the size of CA, and has less than 15% the population.

(or, you know, roughly the size of the UK, but with 1300% less people.)

And they have significant domestic television production, and much of it is high quality. And also film.

This further drives home my longstanding belief that every US state, (and probably much smaller areas) could sustainably support local media production.

@ajroach42 Georgia is working on that, at least. Athens just got a studio visitathensga.com/listing/athe

Hopefully we can keep it up without BS like NZ's "Hobbit law"

@Kye Hiram, Dallas, and Douglasville all have studios of various sizes, but they're all used for major hollywood productions. Mostly Marvel stuff, from what I've gathered.

The infrastructure for independent distribution is missing.

@ajroach42 I don't know a lot about the TV/movie business, but it's possible it'll be like startups where a lot of them are done by people who got an education in the business working for the big shots. Some portion of them might go on to make independent stuff.


@Kye it's a question of funding. Hollywood style productions cost Hollywood money.

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