I'm off for four days, so of course I'm going to do Too Many things.

The first of those too many things is to build the schedule for Saturday Shenanigans for the rest of the summer, if not for the whole year.

Saturday Shenanigans is the name of our Saturday morning cartoon block on New Ellijay Television (or, at least, it will be the name of our saturday morning cartoon block when we launch it this Saturday!)


I have a bunch of vintage children's programming that we'll be running, and as the day wears on we'll shift from vintage childrens stuff to sci-fi and adventure stuff, and keep calling that Saturday Shenanigans.

Or, maybe, as we get in to the scifi and adventure stuff, we'll call it something else. Afternoon Adventures? Scifi Showdown?

Regardless, Saturdays are going to be mostly Archival content, scifi and adventure, and then we'll get in to some spooky stuff. Saturdays will get an 18 - 24 hour programming block.

We'll probably repeat Saturday's programming block on Sunday, or maybe run last saturday's on the following sunday. Weekends are the only days we'll do programming blocks longer than 6 hours.

So yeah, tomorrow, build the schedules for the rest of the summer, get some TVs set up around town, make it happen.

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