I'm looking at various lines of vintage electronics trying to find the ones that were the most visually compelling.

The Sony Sports line is pretty interesting. Bright yellow, rounded corners, basic aesthetic pulled through the whole line.

What other vintage electronic lines were this dedicated to aesthetics?

I don't *love* the look, but I admire the commitment to the bit.


Anyway, I have a couple of Sony Sports items (a radio, a boombox, and a walkman) on the way, in addition to a couple of Strikingly red gizmos.

I'd really love to find one of those hi-8 cameras with it's waterproof shell. I can't think of a *single* useful thing to do with a hi8 camcorder (and I say that as someone who regularly uses a 1968 Sony Portapak black and white video camera) and even if I could, I can't find a single one that works.

@ajroach42 What I’d love to find is a PXL2000. I borrowed one for a college project (converted to 3/4” for editing because 80d) and the low res monochrome was amazing.


@ajroach42 If I’d known you 15 years ago you might have ended up with a fair percentage of my basement.

@theotherbrook I wish I still had the things that were in my basement 15 years ago, but I've had to move cross country in a shockingly short period of time 4x since then (back and forth) and lots got left by the wayside.

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