This episode of New Ellijay News is the best looking one we've done so far, and probably has the most overall effort in it.

It's also 5 minutes long.

Anyway, it's rendering now and it'll be uploaded and live streaming soon.

It's up now. Probably not relevant to anyone not directly in Ellijay. Written and produced by @connor_dylan and hosted by @will

We still haven't gotten the tone *exactly* right, but it's a good start.

@ajroach42 do you offload the transcoding work to the cloud, or all in house?

@ubergeek That's a complicated question to answer.

I render in house, and transcode for streaming in house, but the stream is actually run on a vps, and peertube does VOD transcoding on a separate vps.

I wish I could do peertube's transcoding locally, my box can handle 10+ realtime or faster streams at a time, my vps can handle ~1.

@ajroach42 this has much better facial hair than my local news station. Especially the weather muppet.

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