Most of these are just reviews, not fresh watches. My most recent watches were Our Friend Power 5 and Wizards of the lost Kingdom.


Our Friend Power 5 is worth discussing.

That was a weird one. 1989 South Korean Ninja Turtles/Go-Bots rip off.

The story goes that the producer of the film had the molds for various toys, including the Turtles and some transforming Robots, and he made this film (which features lots of animated robot battles) to promote his toys.


The cartoon segments are really beautiful (go figure. South Korea makes a lot of cartoons.)

@ajroach42 The "robots" looks an awful lot like a rip off of 六神合体ゴッドマーズ「roku shin gattai goddo māzu」(Six God Combination God Mars) while the green space ship looks like a rip off of a Gamelon cruiser from 宇宙戦艦ヤマト「uchū senkan yamato」(Space Battleship Yamato, aka Cosmoship Yamato aka Star Blazers).

I wonder what those still frames are from originally?

The reality is, animation is time consuming and often has international staff working on animating individual frames even if the creator/production company/director/etc. may be from a specific nationality in origin, the collaborative process is often much more international in nature.

@teajaygrey the Yamato was one of the toys they were trying to hawk, iirc.

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