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Andrew Roach @ajroach42

I just finished assembling my new pocketchip keyboard.

It still needs some work (legends, hometown nibs) and a few of the keys are sticky (the tolerances are tight, and I need to lightly sand something) but I'm pretty pleased with it.

Now to try and use it, maybe this will be the thing I needed to make not useless.

@ajroach42 I detect an HP-like key profile.

Are those hinged, too?

@bhtooefr that's the idea. They are just wedged in right now, but I have tunnels down the sides to run the hinge/straightened paperclip

@ajroach42 that is the most beautiful pocketchip keyboard I have ever seen. neat!

@JTE 3D printed from plans on thinigiverse. I'll pass them along in a moment.

@ajroach42 very nice! i like the d-pad in particular