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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

Who remembers cartoon orbit?

I've asked this before.

I want Cartoon Orbit to come back.

I want a PNG/CSS3/HTML5 Canvas based Cartoon orbit.

I want

I want a distributed, decentralized, federated Cartoon Orbit style platform.

Who do I have to beg? Is it Gargamel? Is it Ted Turner? I can talk to Ted Turner.

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Was thinking about this again today, while talking to someone who was too young to have used orbit when it was new.

I also distinctly remember hanging out in the Noggin chat rooms around the same time.

I was a dork, see.

But I was trying to explain to a friend about how cool Cartoon Orbit was, and he looked at me like I had six heads.

So I think I have to add f/loss html5 public domain and Creative Commons cartoon orbit reboot to my project list.

@ajroach42 Never heard of it. What is Cartoon Orbit?

@mike late 90s, early 00s proto-social network from Cartoon Network.

The draw was a flash app. Every time you logged in you got one or more... trading cards, I guess. Cartoon characters with transparent backgrounds to arrange on your homepage.

You had a homepage that was a canvas upon which you could arrange static and animated cartoons, with swappable background images.

There was also a card game called gtoons.

@ajroach42 Hmm, crazy. Never heard of it. I might be too old.


I remember Microsoft briefly having a chatroom that took the form of a comic strip. Same thing?

Absolutely loved the comic chat. It auto generated frames with whomever was talking. A sometimes surreal experience when having a deep conversation.

@RussSharek @ajroach42 I don't remember the name but was that the product that Jim Woodring was involved in? His art was so wrong for a chatroom and yet it made it a hundred times better.

@RussSharek @reinderdijkhuis okay. I gotta find this. It sounds like a nightmare/the best thing ever.

I wonder if it’s still out there, and if it’d still work on standard irc servers.


It also seems ripe for modern recreation.

#matrix cartoin chat client, anyone?