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If I understand this correctly, this is a paper about 3D printing physical objects, with no electronics, that send information over wifi.

ie, magic.

This is magic.

@ajroach42 *squints suspiciously* OH interesting. Using: which uh... *is* electronics tyvm. Someone needs to pop them on the nose with a newspaper. All they're doing is non-commercially printed circuitry.

@bastlynn the neat parts here are 1) this was done with readily available 3D printable material. 2) the circuits they print don’t require a power source beyond ambient WiFi signals, because they’re basically antenna. 3) the receiver doesn’t require any special hardware. Just WiFi and some custom software.

These things are neat! With some refinement they could be practically revolutionary.

@ajroach42 I didn't even know these filaments were available. It really does lead to some interesting things re embedded circuits.

Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

@bastlynn for sure, although the resolution of current 3D printers limits the practicality in a lot of situations.

I’m still waiting on 3D printers profcessors.