Based on my experiments last night and today:

It seems like + a DAT to HTTP bridge is a viable candidate for running this thing *right now*.

Also, it looks like the DAT package has an HTTP bridge built in, that I'll have to look at.

[Short thread, I won't overwhelm your timeline with my nerd shit today.]

If I understand everything correctly it will work like this:

Users connect to the over wifi from the computers or phones or tablet. It is an open wifi network.

This will open up to a homepage that serves as a directory of all the services and pages available from this node.

All users can interact with all the pages available from the BBS through their regular web browser, etc, all this traffic is public and unencrypted.

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Included in these pages are applications for chat and video sharing and all kinda stuff.

If those users have or another DAT browser installed they can interact via DAT instead. When they interact via DAT, they can choose to sync pages from this to their computer.

They can publish pages and make them available over DAT while they are connected to the network, or submit the to the BBS so that the BBS will peer them and continue to make them available once they have disconnected.

Then, if they connect to another , it will bidirectionally update any pages that are available in both places.

It looks like there will be a way to upload content over HTTP, too. That'll be less needed as more browsers are released, but it serves as a nice stop gap for now.

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Based on all of that, this means that the nodes don't have to be connected to one another directly, mesh or otherwise. The users can sneakernet the data back and forth simply by accessing it.

However! If the nodes can be connected (over the internet, over a temporary long range connection, over a phone line, over RF, via flash drives, whatever) the protocol will also handle those syncs, thus preserving data integrity and reducing the potential for man-in-the-middle attacks.

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Further, while http traffic will be unencrypted as a result of there not being a certificate authority available, DAT traffic is encrypted by default.

This solves like 8 problems, I think?

It's not a perfect solution, especially because there are no good DAT clients and , but even if we just focus on using DAT to sync between nodes, and keep all the local traffic served over HTTP, this still solves like 4 problems.

To me, it looks like and http can coexist on the BBS

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(if you don't know what I'm talking about:


/ -

Okay, I'm done clogging your timelines with my nerdshit.

Let me know what you think! Am I overlooking something? Is there a reason this won't work?

Aside from dat's current implementation being written in Node.js, and the lack of ios/android clients, this all looks like a pretty good idea to me.

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@ajroach42 huh, I wasn't aware of DAT but thanks for the heads up

@a_breakin_glass I heard about DAT a few months ago, along with IPFS, but I'm really just digging in to it now.

Basically, it's mutable torrents.

Neat, right?

And I totally want to make the content available on the local BBSs also available over Gopher.

This is a thing I've been workin' on for a Long time. The latest iteration, though, looks real promising.

@MightyPork Yep!

The last iteration of this project was entirely based around Piratebox.

The problem was figuring out how to get two different piratebox nodes in sync. (Well, that, and encryption.)

DAT is one potential solution to that problem. Based on my experiments today, using DAT, Users could keep Pirateboxes in sync with one another, creating an offline, local, internet-alternative.

@ajroach42 @MightyPork - I haven’t checked on #ZeroNet recently. It looked like another similar take for this kind if issue. Https://

@ajroach42 Didn't know you posted on Medium. I'd love to subscribe. Where's the RSS feed? I don’t use medium much, and it all gets cross posted from my personal blog. That’s an old post from maybe 4 years ago. The original is on my blog still, but it has some typos I keep forgetting to fix, so I keep sharing the medium post because I already fixed them there.

I guess I should go ahead and fix those, and stop sending people to medium, huh?

Http:// atom link at the bottom of the page.

@UberGeek Today, nowhere, unfortunately.

It's a Major work in progress, and little more than a bunch of hacked together scripts that sit on top of Piratebox.

None of the Dat stuff is in there yet, because I literally just started brainstorming it last night.

But it's my main project for January, so expect everything up in a repository soon.

TBH, I'm gonna need Mastodon's help getting the thing finished, but I'm pretty excited.


I ran a bbs in the 80s. JUG BBS (JUG = Jonesboro User Group)

Didn't know it was a thing again.

@hairylarry It isn't yet, but it might be, if I can get the software right.


We did everything. Echo mail. Online games. Genealogy research. Text art. Chat rooms were different with one user at a time on the system.


I think so. On floppy discs so that's a challenge. I may have some data CDs. That's a long time ago.

There are websites with text files. Maybe also at the internet archive.


test post bbs text art

_|__ __|_
__ | |
_| |_ | | | |
| | /\ | | | |
| | | | | | | |___
| | | | | | | | |
| |_|_ | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | |
_| | |_|_ | | |_
| | |_| | |
| |

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