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Steps towards a Web without the Internet.

This is a summarization of my ideas on using to power a

Let me know what you think!

Could I get a non-technical, or not super technical user to read this, and let me know if it make sense?

I tried, but some of this stuff is hard to talk about, and I make some assumptions about my reader that I'm not sure are reasonable.

Right away: nodes -> computers/boxes/stations
syncing -> keeping everything updated with the same info

Append "intranet" at least every third usage with "or local network".

Yes, the audience that understands will find it tedious; the audience you want to help understand will be grateful.

You're doing well so far.

There were one or two other spots where I would've changed a term, and the technical side of it is (like so many tech descriptions a reader might not find EXCITING!!) a little dry and skimmable, but the feel of the piece makes it all seem novel and possible and, yeah, exciting for someone who's interested in alternative ideas. :)

I think some of the remaining nitpicks were with the usage of peer, peers, peering as verbs. The alternatives I remember liking were "copy" and "offer(s)".

@beefasil YEah, that's a leftover from the networking world. I thought I cleared out most of those, but apparently I missed some.

I'll take care of that.

Thanks again for reading!

Happy to! It really is a nifty concept. I'd enjoy seeing some reports as you find some more willing participants and hit scales of 10, 20, 50 nodes.

Like, when you eventually write a follow-up with 25 changelogs that show timely, efficient propagation, that'll be a really cool thing. Isolated/sneakernet groups? federations? would obviously be a bit of a bottleneck, but only until someone took the data to one of their nodes.

I really appreciate it!

Normally, I am pretty good about writing to non-technical users.

There are a lot of very technical concepts in all of this that I'm trying to lampshade.

That'd be easier if this was talking about a finished thing, and I could focus on the experience of using it. Since I'm talking about a work in progress, though, I felt like I needed some more nuts and bolts.

@beefasil My hope is to have the first node ready for users by the end of January, and to have plans online to build your own.

From there, the plan is to put together a bunch of nodes and a press kit, and try to talk various friendly small businesses in to letting us run them.

The harder part, I think, will be explaining it to cafe users.

@beefasil At the record store, in 2014, it was easy. Folks wanted wifi, and connected to the network. They were re-directed to a page that explained what was going on.

We had fliers. We had an educated staff who could help explain.

These days, though, I'm worried that onboarding users is going to be a little harder, especially once you throw DAT in to the mix.

(but, for most users, DAT doesn't matter. They don't need to know How it works, just That it works.)

@beefasil Flyers, a press kit, a website with a list of locations (maybe that one should be DAT only?)

There's going to need to be some real Knowledge transferred for there to be any adoption outside of the nerds.

But yeah! I can't wait to post those followups. To show the lifetime of a post that was created in indiana or whatever as it travels to Washington DC and then to rural GA.

I don't think "Proud members of the INDEPENDENT LEARNING NETWORK!

In addition to WiFi, we offer several books and resources you can download to your phone, tablet, or laptop! Just connect to our network (SSID) and visit PAGE! You can even add stuff of your own and have it spread" etc would be that tough for today's casual netizen to get. 👍

Thanks. :) I think a big key is to avoid using "ephemeral" nouns; if you can change a tech term for something concrete a person could immediately recognize/draw, even if it's another tech term, it's probably a smart change.

@ajroach42 Minor spelling fix:

"watch movies, and elave messges on the server."

"watch movies, and *leave* messges on the server."

@UberGeek Damn it, I swear I fixed that already.

That's what I get for writing a blog post with a new keyboard and a composition program that doesn't include spellcheck.

@ajroach42 I wonder if you forgot to git commit, or forgot to git push :P

@UberGeek I definitely forgot to push.

Should be fixed now though, thanks.

@ajroach42 Otherwise, as a technical user, this sounds exciting to me. I've been waiting for a new, modern BBS.

One thing forums are missing is federation (ie, fidonet, or DOVENet like) of the forums, so I'm excited to see this coming around 😃

@UberGeek It's neat, right?

And there are certainly some problems with this DAT stuff, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

@ajroach42 Hey Andrew , nice write up. Interesting technology. Piqued my interest to learn more...

@ajroach42 I'm a bit concerned about the prospects for dat on mobile; idk how mobile carriers are gonna feel about users broadcasting data over a DHT, or how well it'll interact with 3G/4G NAT

@aeonofdiscord My understanding is that it'll only ever touch your wifi connection, but I don't know that for a fact.

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