A friendly reminder, I will have 2 sessions at #34C3, both outside the main schedule.

1. About internet censorship circumvention at the #Teahouse (Day 2):

2. About information security theater, at Rights and Freedoms (Day 3):

Join me, let's have a chat about these topics.

A bit more on the censorship circumvention session: I will *not* be talking about how we as users/readers/hackers can circumvent censorship to access blocked resources.

Instead, I will be talking about how even though some users/readers/hackers *can* circumvent censorship, by and large 99% of people are left in the dark, and a media organization does not have any workable options of reaching those readers.

Please come and have a chat, I'd love to learn there are tools that work here!




This has always been one of my biggest sore spots re: DRM and censorship circumvention.

The nerds will break the DRM. They'll VPN around the censorship. It's inevitable.

But the DRM and censorship will still prevent legit uses from regular users.

We gotta address that too, not just build the tools so that the advanced users don't have to worry about it.

@ajroach42 precisely. And not only tools. We have to make sure our political and social systems are not conducive to censorship. Tools alone will not fix it (but they will be very important, of course),

@ajroach42 @rysiek An alternative view is that we should not fight against DRM and censorship, because if DRM means more people go to tpb, that throws a rock in the eye of capitalist knowledge-selling. If Chinese people cannot reach twitter because of censorship, they may use Mastodon where the discourse is neither controlled by China nor the USA.

@cjd @rysiek

If that's the view we're taking, and it's the view a lot of tech people take, we have to make the tools to circumvent DRM and Censorship easier, safer, and more accessible.

Until then, this isn't a great arguement.

@ajroach42 @cjd we have to make sure tat basic tools people use are the tools of censorship and DRM circumvention. Currently browsers are not such tools. Currently, with how the Internet works, one would need to go out of their way (say, by downloading the Tor Borwser) to have such a tool.

That's one of the things that needs changing.

@cjd @ajroach42 but it does not mean more people go to TPB. It means more people buy iPads and Kindles, because DRM is so much better integrated there.

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