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Andrew Roach @ajroach42

Hey, is there a community here?

Anyone living the life? anyone writing the fiction? Anyone building the tech?

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@ajroach42 I don't know but you made me look into it.

@notptr I'm looking at a model home tomorrow that's all solar power, with sustainably sourced building materials and lots of little off-grid/solarpunk touches.

I'm curious, at least.

@ajroach42 Neat, I just heard of solar punk today. It is something to look more into at least

@ajroach42 there's not a ton of #solarpunk going on here that I've found, but I coedited Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk & Eco-Speculation, and I'm always down to think & chat solarpunk thoughts

@beezyal We're buying a home (for the second time) and looking to embrace as much of the sustainable, solarpunk lifestyle as possible.

Be the future you want to see in the world and all that.

I'm interested in the fiction because fiction informs our perceptions of reality (and because fiction would almost necessarily be made outside the american media oligopoly, and DIY media is a key point in saving the future)

[cont, I guess]

@beezyal But I'm also interested in the reality.

The idea that Tech can be used as a force for god. The idea that we can minimize the harm we've caused, and start to recover. The idea that through technology we can weather the impending economic storm.

And so I'm trying to find inspiration. I want to feel like I'm living in the solarpunk future, you know?

@ajroach42 (sorry, been offline for a while)

I totally know how you feel! I'm sure you've read it already, but Solarpunk Press has put out some good fiction of the solarpunk vision over the last couple years.

Sunvault has a lot of great work in it, but not all of it falls strictly into the category of solarpunk. As the first general solarpunk anthology in English, we knew that was going to be a problem. The ideas aren't widely spread yet, but the movement is growing.

@ajroach42 where are you moving to? If you feel comfortable sharing.

One of the things I think will be a very important question for solarpunk in the future is the way we reconcile tech as a driving force for good with its history as an oppressive tool and an abuser of the natural world.

Anyway, I'm glad to find another solarpunk in the wild!

@beezyal We're moving from circa washington DC to north central GA. If you're familiar with north central GA, I'll be glad to be slightly more specific.

I'd argue that, on the balance, Tech has been relatively neutral over the bulk of human history, and has really only begun to be destructive or oppressive in the last ~150 years (or, to put another way, the capitalist era.) I could be wrong, here, though. I haven't researched it terribly extensively.

@ajroach42 @beezyal

I was just having an interesting discussion about this debate with my sister (who's an archaeologist)

it seems like for almost all technical innovations, you can plausibly argue for both light and dark sides, from the sickle on down

@mrgah @ajroach42 yeah I imagine the arguments for good vs bad are pretty complex! It seems to me though that if we're ever to accept tech ultimately as a force for good, remembering the history of the negative will be an important aspect of reverence.

For example, if we use nuclear energy, we should always keep in mind that it was developed to kill. If we use solar, we have to keep in mind the destruction that rare earth mining causes.

@ajroach42 if you're looking to buy indie, our publisher's page has a link where you can find local bookstores with Sunvault!

If nothing is close to you, though, you can also get it on Amazon ๐Ÿ˜Š

@beezyal I haven't read any solarpunk fiction yet, unless you count Walkway.

I'm not even familiar with Solarpunk Press.

What's the best place for me to find Sunvault? It looks like there was a kickstarter. Is the anthology available anywhere?

@ajroach42 @cypnk is into offgrid #cabinlife.

I've got the #offgrid tendencies too, but perhaps more pragmatically interested in #nanogrid or #microgrid energy in(ter)dependence.

I am not well acquainted with #solarpunk. What scope of it are you referring to here?


@uranther @cypnk

I mean, I'm looking for hopeful fiction that looks at our impending economic colapse and imagines a future in which we manage to (sustainably) build our own way through it.

But I'm also looking for current tech to empower the solarpunk lifestyle today.

I want to end my dependence on this capitalist system whenever/wherever possible.

@Algot @uranther @cypnk For sure!

I'm about 3/4 through walkaway and it has some great moments in it.

It also has some real sad moments, and when I started reading it, those sad moments went further than I was willing to go, (This was shortly after the inauguration.)

I need to finish it.

But I also need to keep thinking about tech that isn't 15 years away. How can modern tech be leveraged to make our part of the world a little better?

@ajroach42 @uranther @cypnk

It was the hopeful fiction part which I saw in "Walkaway".

As to current tech, I'd be sure to keep track of the maker movement as a whole. A lot is fun and games, but the ideas there are full of potential.

@seanl I dunno, never heard of it before this moment.

Wanna tell me about it?

Potential semi-spoilers for Vinge's The Peace War but it's all laid out fairly early on Show more

Potential semi-spoilers for Vinge's The Peace War but it's all laid out fairly early on Show more

@seanl That sounds Great. Thanks for the suggestion.

@ajroach42 It's one of my favorite books. Along with the first two Zones of Thought books and Rainbows End, also all by him.


My husband wrote a slice of life book at that is also available on Amazon if you want to throw coins at us.