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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

Alright, I have a few hours to kill and I want to join a BBS.

I'm looking for a telnet BBS that meets the following criteria:

- Fun!
- Weird!
- Friendly!
- Has Games!
- Isn't Stodgy!
- Can be accessed from iOS or Android, on a phone or tablet, if possible!
- Will continue to be online for several years.
- Will likely work from at least some of the mishmash of 8 and 16 bit computers I am currently trying to talk the lady in to letting me order.

Do you have any suggestions?

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@polychrome @kelbot @ajroach42 @BryanLunduke Depends on if remote access is implemented as a login shell on the system or if the BBS if running as a daemon and listening on a port.

@drwho wouldn't that be interesting? :) Unless there's other secure telnet alternatives I am not aware of!

@polychrome There's telnet-over-SSL, which is doable but I've never actually seen it used anywhere.