Alright: Here's an article (and a piece of short fiction) about using in a modern office.

This is the first post in series. Future posts are going to talk about and the scene and software and more stuff about and maybe some walkthroughs for specific vintage computers like the 102

While researching my most recent blog post, I found this online Apple II emulator

I'm generally not a fan of doing things like this in the browser, but it is damn fun.

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@ajroach42 I often wonder if we should make task specific SBCs. They'd be cheap and ubiquitous.

@noflashphotography This comes up a lot in this kind of discussion.

I don't like unitaskers, but I also don't like wasting power uneededly.

I haven't found a good balance yet.

@ajroach42 It really does look like a TRS-80 Model I with a MISE would do everything you want, better than other solutions. Probably $600 for a working setup? It would've been $2000+ back in the day!

@mdhughes Oh Right! I saw those the other day.

It would do most of what I need, yeah. It'd cost a bit more than I'm planning to spend per item, but it'd be a fun machine to work on.

I'll add that to the list.

@ajroach42 sounds cool... maybe not 100% practical, but cool.

though that voip-to-pots device sounds cool. now i wonder how possible it would be to have to switch from a regular landline service to a sip-based one...

(the benefits of that would be _really_ cheap calls, but the drawback would be having to pay separate for a real phone number.)

@devurandom You can get a google voice number and do some magic to make it work with at least one of those platforms.

Google used to let you send and receive calls over XMPP with your GV number, but they folded that in to hangouts and dropped XMPP support. I dunno how to do it today, but I'm sure it's possible still.

@ajroach42 I love it. I think the fiction piece is the most accessible and most compelling description; maybe that should be the introduction.

@npd I really appreciate that, and I appreciate the feedback. Maybe I'll move it up higher.

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