Alright, so I've poked around several Telnet BBSs and I have a few thoughts:

1 - Many softwares can be confusing

2 - ANSI Art makes BBSs feel great

3 - I'm way more interested in an active and fun community than I am in a huge file collection, unless I can find a board with a LOT of information on it's files and probably still not even then.

So now I'm trying to decide:

Do I run a BBS?

Do I join a small BBS and try to make it my home?

Do I try to talk @chosafine in to running a BBS on starfighter club?

Do I join a larger BBS and try to make a name for myself?

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@ajroach42 I think the biggest active bbs is since he is a internet star.


@notptr sdf isn’t really a bbs, though. It’s a shell account, like all those tilde sites, right?

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