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I used to publish books.

I mean, I guess I still publish books. But now it’s through lulu, etc.

I used to hand bind books. I’ve made a number of paperbacks and a few hardbacks.

It’s fun!

It’s hard work!

What is your favorite method of diy bookbinding?

At home book printing?

Andrew Roach @ajroach42

Have any of you bookbinders done perfect (glue) binding?

It was way too much work, but it was the cheapest, best looking option I ever found for diy paperbacks.

@ajroach42 We have perfect bound books, but we went through a local print shop to get them made.

@ThatTupperKid Atlanta/GA local?

If you don't mind my asking, who did you use? I'd love to be able to go through a local house rather than dealing with Amazon.

@ajroach42 Yup! They're up in Roswell. Used to be called Colorwise, now they're Advanced Print & Finishing. They have an online quote site at

@ajroach42 no but I'd like to learn. I've only tried sewn bindings