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Andrew Roach @ajroach42

Just got an email from the last company still advertising that they manufacture floppy disks indicating that 1) They no longer manufacture floppy disks and 2) they stopped more than 7 years ago.

(And 3) that they have "A large number" of disks warehoused and available for wholesale.)

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@remotenemesis I also found a website that “recycles” floppydisks; And has a stock of severs hundred thousand.

I’m sorely tempted to buy a floppy drive and start a floppy disk magazine.

@ajroach42 The Amiga magazine scene was fun. Demo scene, game demos, tech demos

@ajroach42 How desperate did they sound to get rid of them?

@penguin42 not remotely desperate. From what I gather they are still consistent (low volume) sellers.

@ajroach42 This is relevant to my interests. Seriously, I could a batch for Indie game merchandise. Which company is this?

@jaycie Athana. is also an option.

@a_breakin_glass I see the issue as two fold.

1) we need to archive as much of the content that exists only in these decaying media platforms as possible.

That means making sure new tech can read old media.

2) we need to prolong the useful life of any legitimately useful hardware as long as possible.

That means making sure old tech can read new media, or if it cannot, making sure we keep making the old media.

@ajroach42 @a_breakin_glass There's a balance though. At some point tech is environmentally better not to keep using - eg. power consumption per instruction.

I envision a future where you put old tech into your 3d printer and it uses the materials to create an updated model based on a design you've made or downloaded.

But for now, yes I agree.

@ajroach42 I know the boxes of Athana 5.25" DSDD disks I have, that I bought like a year ago from, are *old*.

As in, they reference Athana's Telex number, IIRC.