I was supposed to write some CSS, and install a BBS, and start that website where I help people solve tech problems.

Have I done any of that?

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In my defense, I've only been home from work for half an hour or so.

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Alright, the CSS work is going to have to wait until tomorrow, because I need monitors and a mouse for that, and the lady is asleep and I don't want to bother her by being bright and awake at the desk near here.

So, that leaves the website where I help people and a BBS.

One is practical and will help me in the future.

The other is silly and borderline useless.

Guess I'm working on the BBS.

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So, Right now I'm considering Syncronet and Mystic for my BBSing needs.

It looks like there are (a lot of) other options, including some new ones like x87 that might also be promising.

Right now, I'm trying to focus on utility. Which BBS software makes reading messages and viewing files the easiest?

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Landed on Mystic for the time being.

- Pretty easy to install and get running
- Seems to be able to do a LOT (including a built in NNTP server, which could be *really* cool, if we do it right.)

- SO Much CONFIG. There are a lot of options, and most of them are pretty poorly documented. I'm sure I could do some neat stuff with this system, but I have no idea how to do a lot of it.
- Built in telnet server can't bind to 22 for some reason?

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- It asks for Gender by default, but allows me to disable this.

- It's going to be running on a linux box, but I can use DOSEMU to get me some door games

- I'm going to have to buy/pirate some door games (because it looks like exactly none of the classics are FOSS

- L.O.R.D. at least has some pretty ableist language in it, so that's kind of shitty, but that's not mystic's fault.

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- Mystic has a *very* involved interactive programming environment attached to it which I could use to make some cool interactive menus and stuff (but out of the box it does the default M for messages, F for files thing which I don't mind exactly, but I also want an interactive menu. )

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Now I need ANSI Art!
And Text Files!
And Games!
Like, Door Games, but also original games to go in the Files section!

I think I want to focus on new stuff, rather than just filling up with old stuff.

Like, I'll go ahead and install some vintage door games because I don't think anyone is making new door games.

Beyond that, though, this is a new server, and I don't want to pretend otherwise.

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Any veteran familiar with wanna help me get this thing humming?

If not, I'll figure it out, but it'll take a few days.

Any DOS or Linux programmers wanna help me write some new Door Games (like my ridiculous PBEM card game idea?)

Also Art!

And text files.

I don't even know what modern text files should be like.

Weird, for sure, but beyond that...?

(And I fully expect to see all of you, well most of you, well some of you, with accounts when I open regs.)

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