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We are supposed to close on the house at 1pm.

I'm sitting on my mother's porch, on the other side of the mountain (it's about an hour drive from her place to our new place, but we are at roughly the same latitude.

I'm on her porch, sitting on a day bed. The sun is peeking over the trees to my right.

I am writing, with a cup of coffee in hand. There are birds and squirrels and rabbits all around me.

I even saw a chipmunk.

Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

A slight breeze blows through the trees, rattling Mom's dozens of windchimes.

The air smells of wet dirt. You know the way certain kinds of earth smell after rain?

It has rained for the last week. The ground is very wet.

The world isn't exactly calm, but it is peaceful. I feel at ease.

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@ajroach42 there's a wonderful word for the smell of wet earth: petrichor. It's a word that's stuck with me for some reason.

@ajroach42 Only know this because of Doctor Who, but that smell after a rain is called "petrichor".

And, The More You Know :)