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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

Good news: We got the house. Finally. We closed. It's ours.

Bad news: It took 8 hours longer than it was supposed to, and I'm exhausted.

Thank you for all the well wishes.

I'll get back on my bullshit soon.

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@ajroach42 Congratulations!!! Now take a nap or a bath or however you decompress and treat yourself :)

@officialcjunior Officially, we'll move in in mid march, but we'll be splitting time with DC until the end of may.

This was the most stressful week of my life.

And most of it was spent waiting on other people.

I have much to do.

@ajroach42 That does sound super stressful! Closings always are. Congrats on your new house.

@ajroach42 I laughed when the mortgage broker told me "this is the most stressful thing you will ever do in your life." I thought publishing and having children would have prepared me.

It hadn't. He was right.

@lilithsaintcrow Our broker told us this was the worst, and most complicated closing he'd ever participated in.

@ajroach42 Good heavens. I hope you have some downtime lined up. (And booze, if applicable.)

@lilithsaintcrow I'm working now, until midnight.

Tomorrow, I have to do a bunch of house errands.

Then I have to drive 600 miles to my apartment in DC, and then slowly start to move.

Working nights all week, and the packing.

Rest isn't in my future.

@ajroach42 At least you know when it will all be over now, since the closing is done. I firmly believe one can put up with anything as long as one knows when it will END, you know?

Great news! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you in Georgia. :)

I missed this. That's fantastic! Congratulations!