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For the last four hours, I've been hurtling down the highway at an average speed of 74 MPH, in the passenger seat of a hybrid electric vehicle.

I'm using a laptop that costs less than $100 and has 10+ hours of battery life , connected to the internet through a magical slab of glass I call a phone.

That laptop has an RDP connection to my office desktop, which has a VPN connection to a client network, which enables me to RDP to their system across the globe.

Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

I've had several people PM me in reference to this post criticizing me for RDPing over an insecure adhoc wireless network and a cellular connection.

I'm not doing that.

The wifi connection is WPA2 encrypted, my connection to my work machine is actually through a VPN, and the RDP connections are required to be tunneled through SSH, for reasons I've never entirely understood.

I'm not just driving down the road passing client data around in the clear, y'all.

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@ajroach42 Yeah, but imagine the chase scene!

"Follow that car! No, closer—I'm hacking his wifi..."

@ajroach42 On a more serious note, the best way to secure VNC that I've found so far is to ssh with X-forwarding, and from there VNC to localhost, so the remote client window displays on the local machine... -.-

(I don't trust VNC auth, by default, since it's less studied. Don't know what RDP is like, but maybe that's why the requirement.)


It's been years since I've done SSH with X forwarding, so maybe I'm just forgetting something, but once you have the SSH and the X, why do you need the VNC?

@ajroach42 Oh, because I'm usually VNC'ing to a system that already has GUI programs running—my home laptop! (For that matter, not everything X-forwards cleanly. But the VNC client window does.)

@varx Oh, gotcha, okay.

So the idea is to use this as a way to check on the things that are running, rather than to run new things.

That makes more sense.

Thank you for the explanation.