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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

So, the question of the ages:

- Job I don't hate, with very little commute, for a little more money than I need to survive


- Job I'm more likely to hate, with longer commute for Much more money than I need to survive.



I agree so hard.

But an extra $30k/year means we can pay our house off faster, means I can open my own business sooner.


Hard to argue with that, but I still think it's important to consider how much energy you'll still have after a few years of crushed soul

@ajroach42 oh heck ... Why is it always that combo to pick from? 馃槱

@alice Right?

But that's where I am.

If I paint it in terms of real benefit to me it's:

- Not miserable/less miserable at work, but working for someone else for at least 5 more years


- Miserable/More miserable at work, but owning my own business in less than five years.

@ajroach42 ah-ha! I reluctantly go with the misery but looks amazing resume one.

@ajroach42 depends on your tolerances but i knew after my last job that my nerves were too raw for another #2, at least not for a while

maybe the best course might be option #1 to keep you from panic while you continue to look for a job you won't hate that has better compensation

also get the offer from #2 and use it in your negotiation for #1

p.s. i don't know wtf i'm doing, in similar situation myself, just spitballing here


I have time. And I'm not in a bad position.

Things would just be so much easier if I could go ahead and get the gig lined up, you know?

But yeah, I'm thinking that I should take #1, even for $30k less than number two, or at least that #1 should be my top contender until I hear back from the secret numbers 3 and 4.

@ajroach42 i applied last night to a place offering a whopping 42% less salary than what i'm asking from all the other for-profit companies i'm applying to

but if i got that job, the skills i'd learn on the job would easily add two whole new dimensions to my resume. and work might even feel, dare I hope, like fun again

@pho4cexa Yeah, that's more or less the boat I'm in.

Plus I will live 60+ miles from the city center, so taking a mostly remote position basically saves me 2-4 hours/day in commuting.

@ajroach42 depends if you want more than just surviving.
I want AAALLLLLLL the things, so yeah.

@ignitionigel My whole sense of expenses is screwed right now because of where I have been living.

I'm moving from DC, where our combined monthly expenses are nearly $4k, to GA where our monthly expenses will be barely $2k.

My s/o makes enough money to cover those expenses, so *any* amount of money from me is basically just icing and savings.

But we're talking about a difference in pay of nearly $30k.

We'll see how it goes, when I see the full compensation packages.

@ajroach42 I did just go back to my old job after leaving for $, I do value sanity.
And my wife is setting up her own business, not a good time but she鈥檚 been made redundant twice in 6 months so we thought stuff it. Luckily still have my income which we can just survive on.

@ajroach42 See if you can use job number 2 as leverage to get more money out of job number 1?