@ckeen It's working for me.

It is hosted through github pages, so I normally don't have any deliverability issues, unless you've got github IPs blocked.

@ajroach42 @ckeen where would I click to see the article?
I expected it to be the most recent and thus at the top

accessed from germany, lower saxony

@ajroach42 @ckeen it seems the blog is up, but that page isn't there or on the index

might need to propagate, idk

@ajroach42 @ckeen I get the 404 trying 3 different ISP connections in England (rest of the website seems to work normally)

@vfrmedia @ckeen Looks like github pages is having some trouble.

I'll poke around.

@ajroach42 @vfrmedia Insert human scale cdn joke/snarky remark/gopher fandom here :)

@alexcleac Nope, but you're the second person to mention it.

See if you can get there from the home page? ajroach42.com

@ajroach42 main site works well. But there I can't find article entitled like any "Observation on..."

@ajroach42 well, in fact it is possible, that I see some cached by several GitHub pages servers data. I'll try back later maybe :)

@ajroach42 it seems that it was server cache, because it works now :)

@ajroach42 Oh HELLS yes! I so miss the days when you turned a computer on and it gave you a prompt INSTANTLY!

[] <- blinking cursor

@feoh And for the people that want an environment like that, it should be available, and faster than ever.

That's my biggest gripe with modern computing, I think. It's proscriptive, and slower than it should be.

@ajroach42 Agreed. Even Linux has become unruly and rife with complexity by comparison - and commercial OSen like OSX or Windows - mind boggling.

@ajroach42 I remember being so incredibly excited to buy a copy of "Mapping the Atari" - you could read the whole thing in a day or two, and have TOTAL understanding and mastery of the machine.

@feoh It'd be harder to do that now because of how much more complicated modern machines are, but the same kind of documentation should be available and is not.

@ajroach42 This is in part why I've been playing with TIC-80 lately: tic.computer/ - it recaptures some of that same magic on modern platforms. Not useful at all, but still satisfying :)

@feoh I bought an Apple Macintosh Plus and I'm making applications in hypercard.

I'm going to try to import them in to livecode, and turn them in to Android (and maybe iOS) applications.

@feoh in theory! mostly an admiration-from-afar thing currently; maybe someday i'll dive in :)

@garbados tic-80 might be a great way to do a toe in and get started then. It’s simple to understand, well documented, self-contained, and runs great on modern hardware with no emulation. Also it comes with all the tools you need to write programs included.

@ajroach42 Great! Now you've just left me wondering how to find/attract a technical writer to my project (which as best I can tell is actively used by 50+ people).

I think I'm fine on the design side, though I wouldn't complain about having some help there too.

@ajroach42 It's called Odysseus and it's a web browser designed specifically for elementary OS and other free desktops.

And it's at quite an exciting point right now in development, as it's just beginning to become more of it's own thing that'll let me explore my own ideas about webpage discovery! See how well they work.

@alcinnz Neat.

Do you have your own rendering engine and JS parser or...?

@ajroach42 It's WebKitGTK-based, with plenty of additional help from SQLite.

Which lets me focus on it's UI and to explore my ideas about search and discovery.

@ajroach42 When I first read this I thought you said

"Users should be more computer centric" and had a good chuckle.

@ajroach42 i'm reading through a handful of your posts and I have to say I enjoy what i'm reading of yours. I'll have to dig in more tomorrow when I have the time.

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