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Still Andrew (I guess)

Went to big box store for a last minute supply run and was stopped dead in my tracks by this.

I watched what I assume is this version (but may have featured a different voice cast) via the web ages ago, and I've written about shada at length, but I never expected to see a copy on the shelves at a major retailer.

I nearly bought it, even.

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So how mad do you think the lady would be if I spent $100 on a Sharp PC-7000?

This game actually looks wonderful at a modern resolution.

And the sidewinder is basically the best joystick I've ever used.

Alright! It took far too long because I had to flash the bios and troubleshoot a bug where the system wouldn't accept power control commands like reboot (apci? I can't remember it's well after two in the morning) but I got windows 10 installed. I got a bunch of games set up. I played no man's sky for half an hour. It was all great.

As a result of this bullshit I can't make my newish gaming machine work with the monitor I have chosen for it, so it's going to sit in a corner while I install Windows 98 on a thinkpad.

When that's done, I'm going to configure a raspberry pi 0W to serve web pages and files over an unsecured WiFi connection, from any connected usb drive, and get my palm pilot to connect to that.

We got our pi cluster configured today. 4 nodes, three servers and a client, for learning nomad, consul, and vault.

They aren't ... Doing anything yet, but I'll probably get a sub-domain pointed at them, figure out a solution for persistent storage, and then get my nextcloud and cryptpad migrated over.

Passed on several other cards, because I don't like buying loose cards at thrift stores.

With driver disk, and in original box. I think I've done ok.

This is what my job looks like sometimes (I am not in this picture.)

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$2 from Goodwill. Installing now for my first exposure.

One of my favorite hobbies is going in to thrift stores, finding clart, and sending photographs of that clart to the poet, public speaker, and writer Caleb Bouchard.

He doesn't like it or anything. It's just a thing I do.

Anyway, here's some clart.

It's a game. Where you drive a hotwheeels car. Across a stunt track. Through a home, including smashing straight in to and destroying a TV in the first level.

And it has these horribly interlaced and poorly rendered full motion videos.

I landed on cubix for the moment, but I have others in contention.