You ever think about how Popeye the Sailor man's whole "I'm strong becuase spinach" schtick started as homegrown propaganda durring the meat shortages of WWII to make sure kids got enough iron?

Anyway, I'm having an egg and spinach sandwich and watching Popeye.

Here is one of several videos of Mr. Atomic starting from a different point on the table, and running headlong in to his box.

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I've tried five times to get a good video of my new friend, but every time he runs straight in to his box.

Just watched an episode of the twilight zone, the premise of which was: the Confederacy was in league with the devil.

Tried to toot about it and accidentally added a wookie gif. So ... Yeah.

I just ordered the first print set of the trading cards that I've been working on, on and off, for 3 years. (See picture for an example)

Now I have to decide how to package them.

I got 14 unique cards. I think I'm going to split them in to packs of 5. I might do packs of 7 instead.

I'll probably do another print run of 14 - 16 more unique cards in the near future if I get any interest at all in these.

But before I can get interest in them, I have to figure out how to package them!

Here's the same shot from my usual cellphone, along with a picture of what the hisense screen looks like while it's in camera mode.

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I'm playing with my preferred workflows for getting work done while using the hisense. Set up nextcloud with automatic upload, which I think is going to be a good thing.

Here are some pictures taken on the phone.

My Gameboy collection, my first Gameboy mod (new shell and backlight for a pocket), closeup on the screen so you can see it's a hackjob, and my new GBA.

These are games that I've (re)acquired in the last five years or so, my original Gameboy collection is mostly gone and the remnants are with my brother.

At 9:23 on June 19 I took the above picture. The Hisense was at 83% battery life after having been partially charged for the first time.

We are now two days of heavy use later, and the Hisense is currently reading 36% battery remaining.

I'll post another update tomorrow when it dies, or at this time if it's still alive, and then charge it up for a fair runtime test.

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