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Andrew Roach

I mentioned going to a secondhand store the other day. I made no mention of what I acquired.

It was this Star Wars VHS boxed set.

This is not a good use of my time today.

Here are some too small pictures of the building.

These are not my ancient spirits of evil/ these are not the thundercats

Attempting to export edited video from the pi.

We’re about to find out if the delay is tolerable, or if I’ll just accept that it’s ridiculous to try to use a pi for this when I have an i7 sitting right next to me.

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My copy of the just made it to me. (I had to get someone to toward my mail from the house.)

I’ve really been looking forward to this.

Some of my other goals for the evening:
- play Ultima IV Quest (of? For?) the Avatar.
- fiddle with streaming

I have Utima D64s for my c64, but I didn't think I'd get that far on the c64 today. And then I couldn't use the C64 anyway.

There's a build in the RISC OS repos, though, so I I tried that, and got Open Broadcast Studio working with the output from TV, and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Please ignore the mess of cables and plastic. I’m still getting everything cleaned up.

If you wondered what brutaldon would look like on netsurf on RISC OS on a 9” PVM over composite, now you know.

I saw this today. I’m curious as to what it actually is. Any ideas?

I found these soda bottles today.

Quicky and Crass.

The pair resonated with me.

San Mateo has been great! I have one last, long, day here before I fly home.

I’ve learned a lot, I’ve gotten to hang out with some cool people, and even got to meet one of my heroes.

I’m energized, excited for the future. And I can’t wait to start making a difference.