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Andrew (R.S Admin)

We've decided on a theme for our next D&D campaign. Show more

cars; music selection; request for comment Show more

A few years ago we had a poetry reading. This was the aftermath.

Today was a Long Ass Day. Most of me hurts.
Have a picture of a sunflower.

Almost died, but I saw a cool rock.

(That's about 400 feet high, I think.)

For reference here's the back and side of the space o phone, so you can get a better idea of size/scale.

I got some old toys and I feel better about life.

I'm going to play this game for a few minutes under the CW unpopular opinions

selfie. no ec. Show more

Maybe these images will help illustrate what I mean. Check the alt text for context.

Wanna see something cool (self hosted software) Show more

One last one, just because the skeleton killing a woman with a corset is such a great example of the form.

four more pages of the illustrated police news.

Just a note to say, The Illustrated Police News is a goldmine.

If you've never seen a Nissan Figaro (I hadn't) let me tell you about them.

They were made in the early 90s in Japan, (that's not a typo, this car was made in 1990).

Only about 20,000 of them were produced, but they aren't particularly expensive these days (I mean, more expensive than any car I've personally owned, but not unreasonably so.)

They are adorable, and I'm going to be looking for one.