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This week, I watched El Santo VS the Martian Invaders (well, I started it tonight, I might finish it tomorrow), The curse of the Aztec Mummy (which is basically a luchador movie, and the reason I decided to start the El Santo movie) The Batwoman, which is also essentially a luchador movie, and James Batman (a Filipino film about James Bond and Batman teaming up/fighting wiwth one another while trying to save the world.)

I actually caught bits of two or three other films in addition to these, as I was working on the livestream, but I didn't capture them, and I didn't finish them.

I got a robot today.

It moves CDs back and forth between piles, burns them, and applies ink.

Well, in this case, DVDs.

But it'll do CDs too.

Next week it'll do 720p AVCHD DVDs. Maybe one day I'll do blurays.

New Ellijay Television has our first permanent installation in a local business. (It's uhhh my business, but that's still a big milestone.)

Catch in store at Ellijay Coffeehouse if you're ever in the area.

The story goes that the producer of the film had the molds for various toys, including the Turtles and some transforming Robots, and he made this film (which features lots of animated robot battles) to promote his toys.

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Most of these are just reviews, not fresh watches. My most recent watches were Our Friend Power 5 and Wizards of the lost Kingdom.


I'm looking at various lines of vintage electronics trying to find the ones that were the most visually compelling.

The Sony Sports line is pretty interesting. Bright yellow, rounded corners, basic aesthetic pulled through the whole line.

What other vintage electronic lines were this dedicated to aesthetics?

It will be friday in a few hours.

That makes now as good a time as any for

(and knocked in to fifth was Renfield, which I watched on Sunday.)

Picked up a box of 15 V-Discs. I've sold some in the past, but I've never had any of my own.

I did a big thread about the history of these things a few days ago, but the gist is that they were vinyl 78s produced for soldiers during WWII by musicians who were otherwise striking and not producing any recordings.

The contents are fascinating, showcasing musicians who didn't often work together, and performances that might have otherwise gone unreleased.

I'm looking forward to spinning them.

Today, I realized that I had a spare 7" 4:3 LCD from a previous project, and I figured it was time to build a TV.

So @DoctorDeathray and I scrapped the guts, cleaned up a Lot of glass, and started building a new TV in this old chassis.

We're not done yet. There's a lot of polish and quality of life work left. But I think it looks pretty neat.

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It is, apparently,

I'm @ajroach42 on letterboxd, and my 4 most recent films are as follows:

Who's force is multiplied by modern technology?

Today, more than ever before (I feel like I'm saying that ever few months) the answer is the capitalists.

The capital class wields technology to further their ideological and economic ends. This is true now, it was true in the 1940s, and it was true in the 1810s.

The Luddites recognized this, recognized that technological advancements could be used to harm as well was to improve. As @pluralistic has said of late, the Luddites weren't anti-technology, they were Pro worker.

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Ended up down a rabbit hole reading about the 1924 German silent film (series?) Die Nibelungen.

It's a two part epic, about 5 hours in total. Almost a prototype for the Sword and Sandal genre, it features a man with a sword, wearing sandals, and slaying dragons.

It's directed by Fritz Lang (yes, the one who did M, Metropolis, etc.)

Revisiting this conversation about the Jubilee series of recordings, it looks like these might have always been radio program transcriptions.

I've been able to find a lot more information about the radio program than I have about the records, and the only records I've been able to find that have "Jubilee" designation appear to be transcription discs.

It's possible that this is the full extent of these recordings. Without reading a book or some old newspapers, that's probably as far as I'm going to be able to get (search is really not helpful here, but if you've got suggestions on how to dig further I will continue.)

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Another film I read about recently that I'm not finding much discussion about in English is Uçan daireler Istanbulda or Flying Saucers over Istanbul.

I don't know much about it. Letterbox'd says it's in the vein of Abbot and Costello go to Mars, which intrigues me.

The whole thing is up on the internet archive (see next post)

I'll probably put a few episodes through Whisper and see if I can get something comprehensible out.

But, you know, strong plot isn't why you watch the Indian TV show that features lightsaber battles, spaceships that appear to have been ripped directly from The Phantom Menace, and fights staged with hidden trampolines.

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