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Still Andrew (I guess)

Here are some more photos of the playset bits. I don't have it all set up yet, but I'm pleased as punch about it.

Speaking of sparking joy this is about 70% complete, and cost me less than fifty bucks.

Not bad for a 65 year old play set, and it cost way less that my accompanying rocket ship.

We bought this thing a year ago yesterday.

That was the most stressful event in the most stressful year of my life to date.

5 years ago today, Ryan and I assembled issue one of our magazine, in a rare Georgia snowstorm.

We got to the episode of Voyager where they fight the holographic aliens, and Tom's holodeck program is such a mishmash of era and styles.

His villain is based on Flash Gordon. The robot is based on The Phantom Empire. Tom's costume is commando cody/the rocketman from the 50s serials.

Anyway, it's funny to see these things being portrayed, and it's amusing to see how they mix eras.

This photo is the principal image on the wikipedia article on the Jazz Age, and it's the coolest thing I've seen this week.

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Two more pictures of the store from roughly 4 years ago.

It is so weird to think about how thoroughly my life has flipped turned upside down since this moment.

I've been slowly vacating old stuff from Facebook ahead of finally deleting my account there.

Today I found a bunch of pictures of @CaptainUnderpants workin on speakers and magazines in our record store.

We would release between 500 and 1000 issues, printed and hand bound, one copy at a time.

This was 4 years ago.

I'm on the last episode of beyond the curtain of space. I'll fall asleep soon.

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