Every once in awhile I stopped to wonder if I am still living my values.

Most of the time, it seems that I am.

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I'm organizing our library, and I keep coming across these cute little handmade books.

This is the binding method we used for our zines and books at the record store 7-8 years ago.

Ryan made these. Praxis + theory in one little object.

I am still not convinced that image federation is functional, but otherwise I think things are working.

Coin posting 

I picked up some more coins today, from a local vendor. Seen here are two new ones along side the two I already had, with a quarter for scale.

Alright y'all.

We own the building. It's 7800 sqft. It needs some work, but ( aside from the roof ) it's all minor.

We already have some equipment and there is more on the way.

We have some paperwork and legal to take care of, but it's all small.

We have a maker space.

Here's a map.

Here's a logo.

I didn't do any of the things I set out to do today. The whole day was frankly kind of a busy in that respect.

But I did manage to lay my hands on a new pair of reasonably nice Polk speakers, and so I am finally ringing in with Chet Baker sings.

I saw this today, but didn't buy it.

Bitchin cover, but I don't think I care about meteorology?


IBM ps/2 model l40SX.

I'll share more pictures of it tomorrow as I clean it.

It's a laptop from 1991, with at least 2MB of RAM, a 386sx, a vga screen, an ide hdd, and possibly an isa slot (if I'm reading spec sheets correctly.)

I found it in the wild. I would not have saught it out, because they are usually expensive, but for the price and in person, I couldn't say no.

It did not have a power cable, so I'll have to figure out which adapter I have will fit.

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