Wireless, unamplified transmission of television signal works with a fancy RF modulator and a length of wire as the antenna.

I get about a 50 foot range, line of sight.

I'll improve that with a better antenna, and then decide if I want to do anything fancier.

Living in The Future™️. Streaming Rocky Jones Space Ranger and Space Patrol from the aether in to a Space Age television.

Same quasar, but in yellow. Also very cool. I think I'll end up with a few of these.

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Oooh, look at this Quasar. It's also $10 more than I wanted to spend, but it's So Cool.

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This is $10 more than by stretch budget, but :oof:

That's tempting.

It's a green Zenith, with a neat grill and a fun asymmetric design.

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Here's a Panasonic LTD TR-802

It's at the top extreme of my stretch price range, but it's the neatest looking one so far.

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Another contender: Sony TV-970.

It's a little smaller than the RCA from the last post, but much cooler looking, and smack in the middle of my price range.

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So far, I'm looking at the RCA AX012Y from 1976 as my top contender.

It's an ugly boring bland brown and beige affair, remarkable only because it is surprisingly thin and light for the size of it's picture tube, because it is cheap, and because it has a very *classic* look to it.

The photos on the listing are bad though.

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It was brought to my attention that many people don't know what a garloo is.

He's a giant robot monster toy from 1961.

See attached and linked.


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Migo toys from the very late 1970s have a tendency to turn gray, evoking the appearance of a zombie. I have discovered a technique to mitigate this. See before, after, comparison shots attached.

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