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Andrew (R.S Admin)

I was cleaning my living room, right? And I moved my new computer to it's new home, and then I got distracted.

If anyone is wondering, the keyboard controls for The Asteroid Field (1980) on the Apple II are:
Left cursor - thrust
Right cursor - fire
Space - hyperspace
D - rotate left
F - rotate right
0 - start new game

I will say I am very impressed by how crisp and sharp the print is on this screen. I know this monitor has a reputation for being pretty good, and monochrome monitors are usually sharper than color monitors in general, but I was not prepared for how much of a difference it makes.

The picture hardly does it justice.

Okay, after some research I was able to boot to an HDD image and load games from binary and basic files.

I have too many files in my games directory, so I'll have to fix that at some point.

I was not able to get the pitch dark image to work, so that's a bummer. I'll have to dig around and see if I can figure out why.

There were several restaurants that it was important for me to visit while we were in GA.

Among those were Martin's (bacon egg cheese biscuit) and Johnny's BBQ.

Have some photos. I unfortunately didn't get photos to represent the other restaurants I was looking forward to, so I'll have to discuss them sans visual aid.

My dad has turned an old China cabinet in to a toy display.

I am hanging out near my hometown and I saw these things.

Local soda shop has old dead stock garbage pail kids stickers.

Are you even in GA if you don't stop at waffle house?

I had this board game as a kid, and I don't remember if it was fun, but I do remember my parents hated it.

Here's a picture of one of my XT clones that I recently got working.

It's a sharp pc-7100, and it has a dead HDD, but it is beautiful.

The blue paper looks nice.

The fact that I had to work really hard to get comic sans in to windows 3.1 means I'm going to use it at every opportunity.

Traveller tonight was a pretty solid success. No player characters died, the crew established themselves as badasses, we made some friends, and found a map to a cache of jewels.

They're in the middle of a gang war between jabba and kabba of the hutts, and they're about to be given a ship of their own.

It was good.

That interior was done with a program called multiprint. I have two other ways that I can do it, and each of them looks much better, but I kind of love the shitty way multiprint does things.

For reference, the cover was done in another program on the same printer (with some clip art I found, on archive org, I have a whole 128mb drive of clip art) and dithered in software.

See this close up for reference.

Alright, zine 1 is finished. I learned some stuff about my tools, I have a workflow I like.

I can do plaintext (as seen here), rtf, and markdown.

I got pulled away for a couple of pages from the office so I'm just now finishing.

I need to pick up my long arm stapler from our house the next time I am in GA (which is like a week from now, I guess?) or get another before I can start binding and shipping.

But hey, here are some pictures.

Going to a wedding today. Wearing the only tie I own. Thanks @Ethancdavenport