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Andrew Roach

Also here, have a sample cardfront from the ones I put together last year.

I was playing with my odroid at dinner today (more about dinner in another post.)

I don’t remember if I was playing robopon or Pokémon TCG, but I was playing one of the two.

The waiter walked over, and was so fascinated that he couldn’t take my order. We ended up talking about the doohickey for fifteen minutes.

He sent the bartender over to talk about it, too. They recommended games to me. It was a wonderful interaction, one of the best I’ve had in public in a while.

Looks like my palmbook might have a bad ribbon cable.

I’m not a huge fan of ribbon cables.

Hope it’s a quick fix with a soldering iron.

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Just got my oDroid Go in the mail. Assembled in about 15 minutes, dropped a ROM and the appropriate folders on the SD card, and now I'm looking for more games to add.

My sci-fi display case is coming together.

I just added a Tom Corbett thermos to the mix.

I have a few more boxes to crack open/unpack, and I probably have more toys than will comfortably fit in this case, but this is a great start.

A friend shared this with me today and it made me want to die.

This is the other Thermos I own. I haven't received it yet, it should be in my possession next week.

I'm assuming that it's actually a glass/steel thermos, and not a steel/steel thermos. I'm also assuming that the seal is still good.

Assuming the seal is still good, I'm very much looking forward to paring this with it's matching lunch box (and probably the Space Cadet t-shirt I sell) and having my morning coffee or my afternoon soup from it.

Instead of eating lunch today, I went to the post office and picked up my delivery.

What are your thoughts on this poster for the movie Charade?

This weekend, I found a spaceship for my billy blastoff!

Now, after some TLC (and judicious application of abrasives and lubricants) Billy is driving his spaceship around my living room.

I need to find a battery cover for him, and I’ll start looking for the rest of his vehicles and his robot pal soon.

Here, have some photos of Billy Blastoff toys.

I buy old toys sometimes.

I recently got this Johnny Blastoff, the BSG lunchbox.

Johnny is missing the back half of his backpack, and the lunchbox needs a new strap.

I don’t have any concrete plans to replace either, although I imagine both would be simple to make or buy.