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Andrew Roach

This is my notifications pane right now.

Because the only recent notifications I have are notifications that I have filtered out.

Okay, Dillo works!

But when I exit dillo my keyboard stops working.

Any DOS users have the same problem or should I put this down to an issue with qemu?

Okay, I gotta take a break for a minute, and go to the store and stuf before I have to be at work tonight.


I got networking working!

Base system installed. I rebooted, started the package manager, and told it to Install all the things.

This is going to take a while.

And we’re off! (And I don’t have a screenshot tool installed in this chroot, and no print screen button on my keyboard!)

I made my background image on my desktop a photo of the house we are trying to buy.

It's very much a kind of thing for me. Gotta remember what I'm reaching for.

In a bit, I'll start writing about how to turn a JVC Videosphere or a philco predicta(or other much more common, power efficient, and easy to find TV) in to a video phone, because of course if you have a TV that looks like this you make it a video phone.

Literally what else could it possibly be? That's what is in it's soul.

Like, I'm writing about how to build the office of yesterday's space age tomorrow.

And a sidebar about how to call people with one of these is entirely essential.

And I'm doing it over XMPP, so like it's even on topic.

We Are Living in the Future and it's time to start acting like it - This is my summation of the chief problems facing us in the new year, and a road-map for the work I can do, we can do, to solve these problems, or at least mitigate them going forward.

This was the best book I read in 2016.

Has a comic book made you cry? This one might.

@ajroach42 it’s my mom’s place, so the decorations are a bit... well, nothing I would have ever chosen.

One more popcorn gif, because I've seen this movie a lot and I still don't understand this scene.