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Andrew Roach

Had a great day wandering through the wilds of Maryland.

I didn’t spend much money, and I got to meet cool people. I call that a win.

Can someone please explain to me why, in 2018, target is selling this?

Local second hand shop had a surprising number (as in more than one) of games for a couple of 8-bit computers, including these Texas Instruments branded carts.

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I just found the most interesting antique store booth I’ve come across in recent memory.

It was just shelf after shelf of new old stock toys from the late 80s through the mid 90s. Almost certainly from a KB Toys or Toy Liquidator that went out of business.

This stuff is pristine. Biker mice from mars, x-men, power trolls, ahhh! Real monsters, VR troopers, Captain Planet, and so many others.

I only spent $100, and that took some real effort.

I got my basic engine boards!

Really excited to try wiring up these surface mount components.

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1) I’m going to sleep.
2) I’m alive with energy and ready to put it to use and create things. This comes and goes in waves. I hope I can ride this one a while.
3) I hope you all are well. Goodnight.

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There’s an antique store between my home and ruby falls that is full of vintage cars.

I went through a dream tunnel and in to a cave.

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