Successfully edited a small video on the small computer.

It"s a pair of interstitials to stick on our kodi box tomorrow, to run between videos on our CATV setup.

This screen is a little more glare prone than the one on my other lifedrive. I may have upgraded that? I don't remember.

Regardless, it does make a great video player.

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"Destroying The State" by Andrew Roach - CC-BY-SA

Contains samples of "Communism." by United States Department of the Army. and United States. Office of Education. Retrieved from Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division. (Public Domain)

All drum machine sounds were generated from drumkits provided by Slackermedia Multimedia Sprint v2. (CC-BY-SA)

He looks like this, apparently.

His manufacturer calls him Marvin, but my wife named him Darrin immediately.

He should be here in two weeks.

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Here is my Silent Remix of Teenagers From Outerspace in VP9 and Opus.

It's 3.9 MB and 15.5 minutes for a bitrate of roughly 30KBps.

It's slightly higher bitrate than the absolute smallest video I've ever put together, but I think it looks much better than the other low bitrate videos I've done.

I was impressed with VP9. If I was prepping something for wide distribution on the cheap, I would probably use similar encoding.

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Announcing the Become The Media film festival from the Ellijay makerspace.

Our first annual fall film fest!

Recommended 15 minutes or less, required 4:3/standard definition. Remote submissions are welcome, tell your friends.

Flood photos 

We went back about a week later to retrieve the car. I took some photos, but on an exceedingly shitty camera.

Here they are.

I provide context in image descriptions.

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