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Andrew (R.S Admin)

Ignore the messy desk. I'm working on it.

But take a look at major matt mason in his power armor!

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Target segregated elves and I can't think of a single good reason why.

I am experimenting with techniques to mount new style and resin cast heads on old style fused bodies.

(Resin heads are less than 1/4 as expensive as regular heads, but they are traditionally used with screw type bodies that are 2x as expensive as non-screw type bodies.)

My best solution so far is wood. A wooden dowel, rounded off at the bottom and notched about a quarter inch up to stick in the neck. It'll get trimmed where the holes are in these images, and then glued in to the neck.

I found a local wholesaler with a bunch of the 2000s reissue of the castle knights set. I can get them at a decent price, and they appear to be in good shape.

I picked this up in person today, which was neat. Since it's complete and appears to be New old stock I'll probably grab three more.

Should be an easy win for the show, playsets usually do well.

Today I went to the Bigfoot adventure Outpost.

I know these arcade 1-up machines aren't particularly great, but turtles in time was the first game I ever finished, and I finished it *at an arcade* with three other seven year olds and I ... Well I spent an hour playing it at Walmart today along side a kid who was probably about 10.

It made me feel good to play the game again, and to help the kid get to the end.

Frivolous acquisition of the day: Sventroll and Tyrannatroll.

This is what restaurants look like when I'm at home. It's a single wide trailer housing a kitchen, with a screened in porch housing a dining room.

Breakfast for two was $6.00, lunch for two is around $10. Prices haven't changed since 1988.

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