Also tomorrow, assuming the paint job goes well, we'll do Jupiter's Ghost lunchboxes too!

Or we won't, it depends on a dozen other things.

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The comic looks pretty decent too.

We're working from print comic scans, rather than the original artwork.

I can afford the occasional Golden Age comic if I find a good specimen at a good price for archival, but I cannot afford original artwork, if it even exists anymore.

So we scan the printed comics, digitally retouch them (one panel at a time. It Takes So Long. I try to speed it up, and @connor_dylan makes fun of me for it and goes even slower. It's just a slow process.

I commission new cover art, and then we have them printed by a comic book printer in FLA.

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Oh, I guess I could share some pictures of the microface toys.

Of the Hand Made Action Figures we do, he's probably the toughest to pull off. Lots of fiddly little details to paint.

These are some of the early ones. We've refined things since these, and I think the new ones look even better.

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We're working on some vintage style lunch boxes for the hand made toy show in asheville NC. It's only a few weeks away, and today was the Wrong Day to pick up a new project for it, but the results are looking pretty darn good so far.

We haven't done anything to the sides or top yet. The pictures here were done on an ink jet printed vinyl sticker paper, but they already look So Good.

I also started laying out a today.

This is a rough copy printed on our cheap printer on copy paper.

When we make it for real, it will get printed on the nicer printer and on a high gloss magazine paper.

I still need to price out how much that's going to cost us, but uhhh it won't be cheap look at all that ink.

Regardless, it *looks* wonderful.

If you want to contribute short fiction, illustrations, poetry, or other material to this zine please do reach out. I'd love to see it.

(most illustrations by @extinct, the two ugly ones are not.)

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Of course, Kind of Bloop is mostly famous for the absolutely ridiculous copyright lawsuit that the photographer of the original Kind of Blue album cover brought against Baio for what was *almost certainly* fair use reinterpretation of the original cover.

But Baio didn't want to go to court and find out, didn't want the potential of loss, didn't want the legal fees, didn't want the multi-year hassle that court proceedings can bring.

So he settled out of court and then replaced the album art with a more pixelized version.

There's a great writeup about the situation on waxy:

which ends with the question, where would you draw the line?

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I had forgotten a lot about this thing, but this is the bit that hurts the most.

Sorry kid, try 2023.

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Some example rendering times for various kinds of encoding in kdenlive.

This is with a Ryzen 9 and a RTX 3080 TI

Our first attempt at casting the figure from the Peru-Waka dig was a mixed success!

The helmet came out great! The mold for the figure appears to be fine. We had some air bubbles because I didn't use the pressure pot, one of which is the figure's whole hand, because of the direction of the pour.

I think I resolved the hand problem for the second pour, but we won't know until the second one comes out.

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