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Andrew Roach

I'm making Action figures!

I've talked about this in the past a bit, but it's always been a thing I want to do in the future.

Well, The Future Is Now.

We did a sample mold and cast of a generic star wars figure which you can see in the attached photos.

This was an experiment to verify that the rubber and resin we are using worked well enough.

They Do!

Picked myself up a Macintosh plus.

No software, but all the hardware appears functional and it came with documentation.

Now I need a boot disk, a scsi hdd or a way to emulate one, and some software.

Hypercard up and running in basilisk II emulating system 8.

Going to re-acquaint myself with my favorite development tool (for the first time in more than 10 years) so that I can get an entry together for the Hypercard Zine.

Putting together a blog post for sometime this week on how to get it up and running (it's easy!) and then another one on how to use Hypercard (it's also easy!)

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"From North Carolina to Southern California Without a Ticket and How I Did It



Edwards & Broughton Printing Company

The lady bought me a Buck Rogers atomic pistol circa 1940.

She spoils me.

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Hey people, I'm getting an error from itunes for my video podcast.

Any idea what?

My newest file was taken from an 8mm print of the film, and I'm pretty pumped to watch it.

I did a blogpost about that hypercard zine.

Nothing fancy, just a quick introduction as to why Hypercard is great.