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Andrew Roach

It appears the answer is yes.

1 unit - $5
2nd unit - $15
6th unit $20

At those prices, I'm better off getting a B3, or going with a knockoff manufacturer.

I get so frustrated every time I remember this.

The photo that's blowing my mind tonight (SFW) Show more

It took too much fiddling last night, and I still have more fiddling to do tonight, but I did manage to get (free)DOS installed in qemu.

Now I just have to figure out how to pass it a : so that I can change drives and install software. (The colon is under a layer of shortcuts by default, and army is ignoring my attempts to use it.)

Last night, in the few minutes of unwind time I give myself at the coffee shop in the evenings, I finished another shirt in my NSA poster collection.

This one... I'm not sure what the message is supposed to be? Presumably, that a Badge isn't enough.

It's available in 5 colors, and sizes from small to 4x.

Thanks to a recent FOIA request, the NSA has had to release lots of vintage security posters in to the public domain. This shirt is the first in a series made from those posters.

IMO, we could all use the reminder that the NSA takes security (and surveillance) seriously, and do the same ourselves.

Excuse me, Commando Cody is his name-o.

A Walmart near me sells an android tablet for $21.

I have thoughts, I think? I’m not sure.

That price is scary, at least.

I found a copy of Satan's Satellites (AKA Zombies of the Stratosphere) that had been colorized.

I had to go looking for a poster to add to it to set it apart from my black and white version.

I found this beautiful, giant poster.

The original film is public domain, as are most of the posters (this one included.)

Poverty Show more

After my success with my lifedrive, I took a risk on 4 more palms. (Two tx, two e2) in unknown working condition via eBay.

Three of them work without issue, so I’m watching movies on my new tx.

Car crash (but a real old one) Show more

I want one of these for my mantle.

I wish I had a mantle to put it on, too, but that's another story.

My laptop wasn't working this morning, so I decided to make the most of it.

I gotta say, it has been a Great day for retrocomputing.

I'll recount the important bits later, but let me take this moment to specifically call out Floppy Emu.

It's the coolest little retro toy I've ever had the chance to fiddle with.

It takes floppy disk and hard drive images from mac emulators, and presents them as if they were actually floppy disks and hard drives.

This means I can take all the software available for mac OS over at and load it up.

The boot screen lists my name, position and company.

So, of course, I'm a Wizard at The Guide (the job I wanted when I was 7, and the company I wanted to work for when I was 14.)

I chucked my smaller CF card in it, and was greeted by all the applications I used on my old LX as well as a few notes files I haven't touched in years, and a couple of games.

I gotta find my CF > USB adapter so that I can start working this back in to my regular workflow.

Wait, does this mean I have 4MB of RAM installed? It’s a 1mb model, so that’s two aftermarket upgrades?

I got my palm lifedrive in the mail.

So far, I haven’t put any applications on it because I don’t have hotsync configured yet, but I did load up a bunch of mp3s from my great 78 collection.

It has a killer headphone amp, apparently. That’s exciting. This will make a great media player if nothing else.