I saw a cool toy today! I didn't buy it, but I thought it was neat. It's an embossing label maker based printing press.

I really need to set up the rest of my emulator library. Video games are good.

Gonna try to spend an hour or two a month actually playing games. I think I'll feel better if I do.

Today I started printing costumes for 8" action figures. This is on paper. Tomorrow it will be on an inkjet printable fabric.

I'll print and stitch tomorrow, assuming the ink sets fast enough, and hopefully I'll have a few finished figures to show before the end of the day.

(Between unplanned travel and illness I'm almost a full month behind, and I have many more costumes to design, and heads to cast, so ... Everything else is on hold until this is done.)

I got a set of 26 Ace doubles from 2charlie today, including "Listen the stars" and some Philip Jose Farmer.

I love this line of books, the flip flop half book thing is goofy as hell and that's awesome, the covers are uniformly fantastic, and some of the novellas are really great.

I've been in CA since Monday.

It has taken 4 days of very little sleep, and lots of laughs with my coworkers, but the four of us just finished building (the first level of/a demo for) a computer game.

I'm feeling really great about it. I have to sleep now, but I'll share some screenshots and maybe share a playable version tomorrow.

(This is not why we were in CA. We'll call this team building.)

I want this aesthetic as a PC case.

My co-workers say that buying an old receiver and modding it in to a PC case is a bad idea.

So here is the screenshot posted from firefox. Here you can see Lynx and cmus in dvtm. The screen is too small for a third window, which is where I would normally put my chat client (but I haven't used this setup, or any desktop chat client, any several years so it is no great loss at this time.)

First attempt at an 8-bit version of Rhapsody in Blue. Presented here as a 96k ogg/opus file. No idea if it will play back via mastodon or if I'll have to upload it elsewhere, but we'll see real quick.


Rhapsody in Blue is in the public domain now.

Here's a midi performance of the piece, which sounds really decent. I'll do a chiptune version later!

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