Corporate ass kissing 


I'm looking for some advice.

I want to cover the walls in artwork, but I want to have a touch of Us in that art.

So that means I'm looking for public domain and creative commons science fiction illustrations, comic books, mechanical bits, computer-y bits etc.

I know we'll use some of the 1906 War of the Worlds art, because I love it. I know I'll use the cover to Space Patrol #2 because it's Wonderful.

But ... what else?

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Stuffed monster. Inanimate eye contact 

Found a couple of copies of my Spacehawk comic book restoration in storage. It's a project that I'm really proud of.

My parts finally showed up. So my plans went out the window.

About to install Ubuntu 19.10

Need to find/buy/build a case.

It's an old xeon e5-2630 on a mini atx motherboard. Last bits arrived today, first bits arrived in January. The world has been unpredictable.

Any benchmarks you'd like to see me try?

Made a mego scale GI Joe as a way to practice eye painting. Getting better at that.

This one has some other flaws, as a result of some less successful experiments, but on the whole I'm calling it a win.

Kitbash'd together a couple of custom toys tonight. We've got an 8" mego scale skeletor, and a Dick Tracy.

Skeletor needs some additional accessories (a belt/sash/loin cloth and a sword) to really drive it home, but I'm genuinely impressed with how good he looks with the simple touches I gave him.

And Dick... Well, he came out okay I guess. Nothing fancy, but it works.

Both will be available on our website soon, I guess.

Look at this absolutely incredible Fisher Price space shuttle from the early 80s.

It might be the coolest toy I currently own.

"the real Ghostbusters" body horror 

Fiddling with an old broken Hordak, I discovered that MOTU armor and heads are almost perfectly Mego scale.

I guess it's time for a mego MOTU crossover event.

Well that, and getting ready to open a toy store. When this quarantine is over, we'll have a toy store.

This picture is a work in progress shot. It doesn't do justice to the space. I'll get some better ones later.

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Inanimate eye contact. Toy gun. Blade runner? 

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