a few weeks (months, who knows?) ago I put together a little Link List of sorts showcasing some of my projects:


It's incomplete, because a few things have started since I made the list and a few things have changed or come back.

There's 12 big projects listed there. Tomorrow I have to add and Mountain Town Coffee Roasting.

I get all the things done that I get done by building teams, empowering people, creating opportunities, and leading the charge.

I figure out how to do impossible things, and then I teach other people how to do those things, and then we do them together.

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So, tomorrow is March!

This is a list of things I'm doing in march:

- Releasing two episodes of ( intergalactic.computer)

- Releasing one episode of the TV show ( vod.newellijay.tv/w/p/gZRM5o24 )

- Hopefully, releasing one episode of the podcast ( expeditionsasquatch.org )

- Launching Cassettes For Me with a kickass surprise first tape (you'll hear all about it tomorrow! I can't wait! cassettesfor.me )

(and so much more. Breaking in to threads so I can ADHD power my way through typing all this.)

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If you've been hankerin' for more or you just want to support our production thereof, we're selling a cassette of the first two episodes and a small amount of bonus content: analogrevolution.bandcamp.com/

It's an hour of weird, funny, occasionally touching science fiction.

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Also tomorrow, assuming the paint job goes well, we'll do Jupiter's Ghost lunchboxes too!

Or we won't, it depends on a dozen other things.

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I'm going to try to make this my no-corporate-services box. I'm going to configure the thing in an intentionally limited fashion.

I don't want to do it, but I think I will install firefox. I'm doing enough Wordpress stuff with that I don't think I can get away without it.

But I'm going to set the thing up so that Firefox is not the default browser. I'm looking at Dillo, but maybe it'll be Netsurf. Whichever one seems more stable on the hardware.

Even that won't really be my default browser, because the whole point of a Non-corporate box is that I'm focusing on small tech.

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I also started laying out a today.

This is a rough copy printed on our cheap printer on copy paper.

When we make it for real, it will get printed on the nicer printer and on a high gloss magazine paper.

I still need to price out how much that's going to cost us, but uhhh it won't be cheap look at all that ink.

Regardless, it *looks* wonderful.

If you want to contribute short fiction, illustrations, poetry, or other material to this zine please do reach out. I'd love to see it.

(most illustrations by @extinct, the two ugly ones are not.)

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I'm working on a Zine set in the Jupiter's Ghost universe. If you'd like to submit illustrations, short fiction, or other stuff let me know!

intergalactic.computer for more detail.

Looking to get this zine finished within two weeks.

I had forgotten a lot about this thing, but this is the bit that hurts the most.

Sorry kid, try 2023.

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After listening to the first episode (or possibly watching the first cartoon) of , my dad reached out to me to see if he could participate.

Now, I don't know why my father doesn't just make an account and join in. He can use a computer, after all.

But he asked for us to help him write a character for the next episode, so I'll work on that.

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A few weeks ago, I recorded some thoughts about why @jandrews joined the Space Corps.

It's a short little aside that is intended to build the universe, but doesn't fit in any specific episode.

We have a separate feed for these kinds of things, so I shared it there.


If you've been curious about what is supposed to be, this is a slightly more serious introduction to what these stories are all about.

After a day's work, the pilot for the Cartoon universe of is now live: vod.newellijay.tv/w/hx7PGjW5Yq

It's a little rough around the edges still, but I think it's a good proof of concept of what this show might be like as a cartoon, and it gives us a chance to find out if that resonates with the people who listen to our podcast.

I'm having so much fun with

Episode two will be out any day now (we're working on the transcript right now, and I need to record the closing credits and tweak some levels) and we've started work on Episode 3.

We have some great illustrations coming in from multiple people, we have a cartoon in the works.

And I'm just kind of Buzzing with excitement over what other kinds of adventures we can get up to with this universe.

I just received the last pending contribution for episode two of , so I'll be editing that out this weekend!

I'm pumped, this has been a lot of fun, and we have some really great contributions going in to episode two.

You can listen to episode one (and subscribe if you're interested) here: intergalactic.computer/social/

When we go to in asheville, we'll be publicly selling the first toys, too! We're doing a Frequency 650 action figure. He'll be ~10" tall, and if I can pull it off in time, he'll talk.

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I love my work ( @MountainTownToys
Coffee Roasting, Magazine publishing, toy making, etc. etc.) but my day job just pays the bills, and I'm ready for there to be fewer bills.

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I'm going to keep talking about for the next few weeks, because I'm excited about it.

If this kind of self promotion bothers you, now is probably a good time to filter me.

I'll slow down towards the end of the month, probably, but I'm still deep in New Shiny.

We have lots of Other stuff happening right now, too. We're releasing new albums through , there's a new Magazine out soon, we're booking shows, we're planning live Television and pre-recorded television. We're building toys for a toy show in Asheville in Feb, a toy show in Ellijay in late Feb, and a toy show in Atlanta in March.

We're producing several concurrent TV shows, and working on a cartoon We've got comic books going.

And, hopefully, we'll be roasting coffee within the next three weeks.

So, you know, there's a lot of stuff happening and I'll be promoting the hell out of all of it.

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