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Alright, I wanna talk about my current projects for a second, so that I can keep a record of what I'm working on, and update anyone who's been following along.

Threaded for my ease of referencing. I'll try to keep it short.

Current projects:

(and accompanying omnibook work)

Everything else

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Episode four of is up now, and soon to be in your feed readers!

It's only a little over a month late.

I really love this episode.

The idea of Jack running through TSA carrying a riffle, giddy as a pig over the contents of an Email (a technology he'd never used a few months ago!) just stands out as such a wonderful image.

This month's episode will be delayed a few days on account of I didn't realize the 15th had already passed. I'll get it up this week though. :kirby_happy:

It's Friday, the weather is perfect, and I just had a Long week at work. I'm going to get some coffee, write some and start working on world building, plots, and colaborative workflow for Jupiter's Ghost.

It's a good day.

I did get some time to work on Episode 6 last night, and I'll have more time a workin' on it tonight.

It's got one of my favorite gags in it of everything we've written so far.

(Remember, new episodes on the fifteenth of every month! I'm trying to stay two months ahead at all times, so I can devote proper energy to the other things I'm a workin' on.

New episode of Expedition Sasquatch is up now at

It'll show up in your RSS feeds over the next hour or two.

There's some really good stuff in this one. The editing is a little rough, but that's mostly my fault.

As always, thanks to @Username_Here_ASAP for voicing everyone's favorite hunter.

:bgft: :bgft: :bgft: :bgft:

I came to the coffee shop after work like I do most weeks. I brought my omnibook. I was planning to write so e for or

I normally find this pretty easy, but it's not working for me today.

Feels like there's something more pressing, but I don't know what it is.

So I'm staring at a blank text document and listening to Sun Ra's Lanquidity.

If you can think of a better use of my time, lemme know.

Selfie. New hat. Old shirt. New eyes. 

I'm off to write some more .

Episode two comes out in a few days (and with it, some updates to the branding and the website) and I'm really excited to share it with everyone.

Getting ready to edit episode two of .

Happy fourth America, go kill some Bigfoot.

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