That's why I work with @Username_Here_ASAP on Expedition Sasquatch and

We will eventually have lots of little CC-BY-SA worlds in which these stories can be told.

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The Space Explorers Field Guide (wiki) is probably the most versatile of the shows we're considering producing in terms of potential content, participation, and costuming.

It's not , but it should very much have the same participatory nature. That means costuming needs to be replicable for distributed casts and crews, and needs to be cheap.

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I'm re-writing the first episode, and also working on some stuff right now.

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5 - I started re-learning CAD so I can do the designs for the enclosures for our TV.

6 - I recorded some in character bits for the currently untitled space show formerly known as

7 - I listened to Jazz and local rock on MountainTownRadio

8 - I had some soup with friends, which was nice.

9 - I discovered that the printer that I was informed was working, in fact isn't working.

10 - I read a comic about Captain Marvel taking up Rock Collecting!

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Oh, and firefly, of course.

I have not seen much Babylon 5, stargate (only saw the film), the new BSG, or Farscape, I'm fairly certain I should catch up on those.

I'm hoping that somewhere out there is a CC-BY-SA buddy-cop style show about a skeptic and believer hunting down mystical artifacts in diesel punk 1920s DC, or that I already started producing and just forgot about it, but (of course) both of those things require me to do some work first.

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Alright, I wanna talk about my current projects for a second, so that I can keep a record of what I'm working on, and update anyone who's been following along.

Threaded for my ease of referencing. I'll try to keep it short.

Current projects:

(and accompanying omnibook work)

Everything else

Buzzing with excitement 

is happening, y'all. We're recording stuff, and talking about plot points, and AHHH I'm just so excited.

IF you want in, shoot me a DM.

We'll do a more open invite in the near future when we have enough content for a few episodes already. It'll be easier to set the right tone with a small group.


Hey space nerds! If you're interested in participating in the trial episode for , reach out to me here and I can share the details of the plot of the first episode, and we can discuss strategies for collaboration and improvisation.

I'm still working on getting the website up and going so other folks can contribute more seamlessly, but this works for now.

The pitch:

will be a community based collaborative podcast about life aboard a civilian deep space exploration vessel (or elsewhere in the extended universe) told in the form of mission reports and personal logs, as recorded by me, my friends, and whoever else wants to participate.

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2020 planning 

The thing I'm most excited about is

I am *so* ready to be releasing that, and I'm frustrated that I've had to put it on hold so many times, because of all the chaos that I had in my life in 2018 and 2019.

Other stuff keeps having tighter time tables, and I don't want to compromise on how cool this thing could be, so I put it off.

I'm so close to being ready to bring folks in on it, though, and it's such a cool project.

I just need to get through the toy show.

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Status Updates 

I've also started writing an episode in which Jack fails to kill bigfoot because Climate Change, which I think will be fun.

Uhhh... has seen some progress recently too, and it should be ready for contributions eventually.

And I've decided to buy a telecine rig for what I'll call but which is really just me archiving film reels to digital files that I can share on and peertube.

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I came to the coffee shop after work like I do most weeks. I brought my omnibook. I was planning to write so e for or

I normally find this pretty easy, but it's not working for me today.

Feels like there's something more pressing, but I don't know what it is.

So I'm staring at a blank text document and listening to Sun Ra's Lanquidity.

If you can think of a better use of my time, lemme know.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have to go write 6000 words for some podcasts and

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I haven't reached out to anyone about , , yet, because I'm working on some infrastructure stuff.

It's coming, though. I just want to get it right.

I've talked about the *why* element of this before, but I think it's important to bring it up again, because there are some implicit ideas in that why that I want to make explicit.

I want to make independent TV so that I can excise the influence and reduce the power of the American Media Oligopoly, but (cont.)

I need some help designing uniforms for at least three branches of the space corps, and maybe one or two other incidental spacey costumes for the show I'm doing in the universe.

I've never done any costumes before, so I dunno where to start.

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I'm outlining my plans for and right now, and trying to figure out how fast I can move alone, and how much more quickly the addition of each collaborator allows me to be (Assuming they are there from the beginning), and roping in all of the various associated bits that we can just *have* because Open Source, or Creative Commons, or Public Domain, or I already solved this problem four years ago.

So I think I'm going to start a group chat via email/deltachat about these ideas tomorrow.

Specifically, about producing things quickly and sharing production responsibilities and stuff.

Going to use the kanban board I already have and am not using for this.

Going to tie it back to if I can, so we can get that moving soon too.

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I'm setting up the wordpress site (with buddy press and bbpress) that will become the social hub for Jupiter's Ghost.

Of course, I have a LOT of work to do before I'll be ready to let people in (both from a design and a development perspective) but I wanted to let you all know that is finally moving forward again.

What software would you use to power a digital community today?

Specifically an RP community (this is for )

Traditionally, it was BBSs. Then Forums. And now, I guess, Discord and Slack and Matrix, mostly (but that's not the workflow or the usecase I want. At All.)

I'm half tempted to reach for Buddy Press, if that's even still a thing (but there has to be a better solution to this problem than Wordpress.)

Podcasts, Plans, Jupiter's Ghost 

This is a podcast about the crew of a spaceship in the Space Corps, which is a civilian organization dedicated to exploration and discovery on the frontiers of deep space.

Part of the fun is the episode structure: 1) Ship's Log framing narrative from the crew's official record keeper. 2) Personal and official logs from various crew people 3) the rest of the mission log. 4) more of 2) as appropriate.

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