If I can figure out a reliable long range mesh networking solution that can be deployed for less than $50/node and works with commodity hardware and linux, I could bootstrap a community message board or a community wide intranet.

I feel like I'm having this conversation every three weeks, but I'm actually in a position to act on it now.

So let's talk about and and internet replacement ideas.

What hardware exists right now? What software? (I'll thread some.)

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ESP8266 messenger 

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ESP8266 messenger 

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Half baked tech idea rambling 

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That includes my project, , and the new thing that is just ideas right now.

I have thoughts and plans for the future of the internet, or at least A future of the internet, and I'm working to make time for these things specifically.

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Project Updates! 

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After talking about my project a lot yesterday, and thinking about it in detail for the first time in a while, I have decided a few things:

- I need to re-evaluate my assumptions and goals
- I need to run a private (or rather, public but not usenet) NNTP or UUCP usenet server for a few months (or more) and see what that is like today
- I need to figure out if it is possible to run a dialup BBS from an android phone, and experiment with that.

This idea comes up any time anything bad happens to the internet (Like, you know, the Net Neutrality rollback, or the pending European copyright clusterfuck)

I've written some blog posts about it. When I talk about it on Mastodon I usually use the hashtag or although I sometimes forget to do this.

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New Post: ajroach42.com/steps-towards-a-

Steps towards a Web without the Internet.

This is a summarization of my ideas on using to power a

Let me know what you think!

Based on my experiments last night and today:

It seems like + a DAT to HTTP bridge is a viable candidate for running this thing *right now*.

Also, it looks like the DAT package has an HTTP bridge built in, that I'll have to look at.

[Short thread, I won't overwhelm your timeline with my nerd shit today.]

Okay, Hashtag time because I want to find more people!

I do . I'm working on several s. I'm a big fan of in general, and specifically.

I want to hear your , I want to see your and your .

Uhhh... I guess that'll do for now.

What are your ?