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Still Andrew (I guess)

I just remembered artimis fowl.

That series would have been way better if artimis was a girl.

HTML stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language. Not Portable Application UI Language. The primary feature of the Web is not as a portable application platform. The Web is a system of hypertext documents.

How do we wrest naming from the grip of ICANN without placing it into the future grip of MightAsWellBeICANN

A lot of people have complained that the game feels less like skirmishing and more like playing an esoteric game of poker.

I didn't find that to be the case, and I assume it would only play that way if you both built your army poorly, and never figured out how to strategically block as a discard mechanism.

There are a lot of things to keep track of, and I found that a dry erase board was helpful.

Like, around a hundred unpainted minis.

We will need about 15 to start. We played a practice round today, to get acquainted with the rules.

Next time, we'll start an actual campaign according to the campaign rules so that we can chart our progress and have some friendly competition.

I'm going to draw up some character sheets and laminate them, and make some rules cards to streamline play.

I'll share before our next playthrough.

Combat is resolved with poker hands.

Magic with blackjack.

Movement with the length or width of a card.

I saw one on the road today that said SSS :pictuee-of-snake: SSS

You can't delete or edit posts.

Or, you "can" but they don't actually go away, the client just stops displaying them.

Once a thing is in the chain, it stays in the chain.

The mobile client needs some work, too, but I'm still hopeful that they'll surmount their problems and find success. The fact that it can work fully sneakernetted is a big deal.

My problems with SSB:
Append only
Very difficult to do multiple devices tied to a single identity.

Beyond that, it's everything I wanna see.

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Ah. I misunderstood your observation. Thanks for clarifying.

Is this really the hill you want to plant your flag on?

You ever think about how we attribute more agency to people than they actually have? (For example, we talk about people "choosing" to go out in a snowstorm, discounting the fact that to refuse to go to work is to risk unemployment and starvation.)

We're you ? (I'm not sure if that's gaming while, or because, bored.)

@TaxDan You just write a short story.

You pick a small piece of the story you want to tell, the smallest piece, you just write that and then stop.

@Kye I installed a font pack, I'm going to fiddle with it.

@Kye Oh gotcha.

Sorry, I was talking about Microsoft Comic Chat, it was an IRC program that used a comic strip metaphor instead of just a wall of text, made chats feel a little more intimate, allegedly.

I dug it up, installed it in wine, and I'm looking for somewhere to use it.