@djsundog ooooh. You gonna try and grab some footage before you scamper?

@mdhughes That has been my experience as well, which is why I thought I might have good luck with some open source software.

@keithzg Sure. It just seems like there should be something I can do.

So playing with melt some more on my linux box, I think I know how to troubleshoot this when I get there tomorrow.

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@tessaracht I was shocked myself. We'll see how things go tomorrow morning.

The m1 isn't generally a slow system (for many tasks, it is the fastest computer I've ever used!) but kdenlive encodes slower on this system than it does on my Raspberry Pi 4.

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According to this: mltframework.org/blog/v6.26.0_

v6.26 added support for hwaccel query string parameter to the avformat producer, which accepts videotoolbox, which is supported by the m1 on MacOS.

That's great, but I don't understand the syntax as described there, and I have not been able to find any examples.

I'll fiddle with it tomorrow when I'm back in front of it.

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@tessaracht I did do this, and even told kdenlive to use the ffmpeg from brew, but it was not much better.

Apparently the trick is to to use the M1's hardware acceleration and according to this mltframework.org/blog/v6.26.0_ that's possible, but I don't understand the syntax. I'll fiddle with it tomorrow when I'm back in front of it.

The m1 isn't generally a slow system (for many tasks, it is the fastest computer I've ever used!) which is why I found this so irritating today.

I've seen some recommendation for h264_videotoolbox, but I can't seem to make kdenlive understand that this exists.

Which appears to be a limitation of something called Melt, which I am unfamiliar with.

So tomorrow I'll fiddle with melt on the command line and see if I can figure out how to make it work from the command line.

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Hey! has anyone had good luck with any open source video editors or video encoders on an m1 mac (mini)?

We use kdenlive everywhere, so I'd like to keep using kdenlive, but (using kdenlive daily) rendering is like 10FPS for webm and h264.

I might have better luck if I recompile kdenlive and ffmpeg, but I *hate* compiling stuff on macos.

Any ideas?

There are a TON of submissions for the Game Boy Competition 2021. Looking forward to seeing what kind of good homebrew comes out of this!


Alright alright, it's finished for now. My recommended Palm OS software complete with direct downloads. If you think there's anything good I'm missing let me know.



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@maikek we live in a rural community with little by way of nightlife. There are several nearby big cities, but all far enough away that it would cause a strain on our dogs.

I will see which cities have events that weekend and figure out if that's a good option.

#Maille going out of business sale: I am putting down my pliers once and for all, and need to raise $1200 by Oct 31 to avoid a lease default. Prices cut across the board. Pride jewelry, superhero bracelets, necklaces, purses, earrings. On Nov 1, the shop closes.

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