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Still Andrew (I guess)


If you end up needing a DIY solution to the hard drive issue, mentions that the folks at designed their own solution to the issue. You can download the board diagram, etc.

@yam655 It did not! But I'm printing one now, so thanks!

@68kmentat @ieure :-D

No worries. I'll figure it out when I get it cracked open.

@ajroach42 Although the hardcard itself is an XT-IDE interface, so if you can get it to accept another 8-bit drive you should be good.

This thread makes it sound like a 256MB CF card in a CF->IDE adapter could work for you.

"Sad Lack of Warburton" is a tremendous band name.


And I slept for like 18 hours that day.

It's dirty, like very dirty, but it is in otherwise excellent cosmetic condition.

I'm going to clean it up before I try and boot it because it's gross.

But once I get it cleaned up, I'll get a couple of bootable 5.25 floppy disks (I don't own any right now) and see how it does.

It has an internal HDD, which is almost certainly dead. I don't know much about XT era HDDs, so I don't know what I'll be doing about that.

While I was in California and so sick that I was hallucinating that my co-workers were trying to containerize my immune system, a shipment arrived at my apartment.

The shipment was my Sharp PC-7100 portable, which is a portable PC XT compatible from the mid 80s, and I'm really excited about it.

Finally got around to finishing season one of Amazon's

I was pleased. It's got nothing on the cartoon, and it suffers from a lack of Warburton, but it was pretty good.

I talk about it from time to time, but lemme just say I really really love Decoder Ring Theatre's podcasts.

They're wonderful, generally speaking, and I miss them.

@BertL Yeah, it's genuinely terrifying.

I keep expecting to see it wrapped around a tree.

SHIT I just remembered that Link's Awakening is getting an HDmake for the Switch and now I'm hype as fuck

Common feelings:

Communist rage: witnessing/being subject to labor exploitation, gaudy displays of wealth, the existence of million+aires. Makes me want to burn buildings.

Anarchist rage: being talked down to/jerked around, authoritarian speech, “because I said so.” Makes me want to burn people.

Redneck rage: city folk being snotty/dismissive, southern us/Appalachia being treated as a monolith, wealthy southerners acting “country.” Makes me want to spit and then fight the national guard.