The Raindaince Foundation had an early (incomplete) form of copyleft, which they referred to as simply "do copy" and which was represented by this symbol: ⊗

These things come in cycles.

@alcinnz see, I suspect that without arpanet, we would have never had public addresses at all.

@aka_quant_noir A lot of the utopian thinking of the 60s and 70s was wildly individualistic.

@ajroach42 As I just said, I suspect capitalization would've led to the same end no matter were the internet originates from.

From Radical Software Vol 1 Issue 1 "Our species will survive neither by totally rejecting nor unconditionally embracing technology—but by humanizing it: by allowing people access to the informational tools they need to shape and reassert control over their lives"

@alcinnz I guess what I'm really wondering is what the internet would look like if it had evolved more from compuserve than from arpanet.

@alcinnz The internet specifically is the thing I keep coming back to.

Usenet existed without ARPANET. BBSs were born without the military's intervention.

Remember the scene in the x-files where mulder holds a really crudely drawn illustration of a lady bigfoot?

Is that the silliest moment on the show? (or is it the brady bunch?)

what would the modern computer look like if it had not been designed by the military?

@TechConnectify I really love the way Becky Chambers addresses this in the wayfarers series.

@shapr If this was a one off thing, I might risk it.

I'm trying to build something that will live for a long time, so I have to play things a little safer.

@teajaygrey Shout! Factory has physical media rights.

From what I'm gathering ITV and the BBC own the thing, but have licensed it a few different ways, and NBC gets it for free.

I'm still digging.

I mean, I guess I have a good excuse to go to NAB next year.

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