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@Avalon @naugeleh @RussSharek @Algot Ah! I've read most of what he's written. This one was harder to get through than the others because parts of it are so bleak.

I generally find his work insightful, and frequently inspiring.

I want to get a keychain made, just a one off.

one of those clear plastic things with the picture inside would probably be fine, although I was originally planning something more ... substantial?

I just want a key chain to put on my car keys.

Any suggestions?

For me, there's so much!

Ethan is in town, and that's pretty great. I am really enjoying driving around in my ridiculous little car (thanks to all who encouraged me to get it.)

I'm planning what might be a really important endevour for the future. I'm supported. People care.

one thing that brought you joy this week, food Show more

one thing that brought you joy this week, food Show more

Hi all, tell me one thing that brought you joy this week?

@keithzg I love the sun and moon motif.

Mine was just an impulse buy on Amazon while I was ordering some other crap I couldn't get locally. The brand is VIGOROSO, and the style is just label as "unique" on the box.

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Gotta sleep. Probably won't be able to

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Hour on the inside. Time reads 12:25ish