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When I was younger, I was very excited about the idea of going from being an hourly employee to being a salaried employee. Getting a salary instead of wages meant you were Getting Up There!


Getting a salary instead of wages means you get a constant amount no matter how many hours you put in, so your corporate overlords can feel comfortable asking you to overwork yourself for no additional compensation.

@kaniini is this documented anywhere?

How delay tolerant is it? sneakernet?

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TIL that the hypothesized common ancestor of all life on Earth would not have been that different in form from some bacteria that are still around today; the primary difference is that its genetic machinery would have been a lot more rudimentary. Which makes sense since bacteria are not much more than minimal defense and replication mechanisms for DNA.

@kelbot that’s a good idea! I’ll give that a shot next time I go to micro center.

@kelbot we’ve got a micro center about an hour from here, but I think at the prices they want for multiple units it’d be better for me to just move more slowly and use the b3. I appreciate the offer though.

@kelbot Several things, and many!

1) I've talked a lot about building a bunch of federated intranet/BBSs, that communicate via sneakernet and long range radio links. Some of these for that, scattered all over the world.

2) I want to keep one on me all the time, to serve as an application server for my various devices via SSH.

3) Video games!

4) Super basic set top boxes for my friends and family.

5) ... There are more items on my list, but you get the idea.

@kelbot I’m considering that. I’ve only ever used nextcloud on a single user instance, so I’m not sure of how practical it will be, but that’s near the top of the list.


It's a cost thing.

For the price of a bare B3, I can have every component of my 0w based project, if I can get the 0w for $10. (That is to say, everything beyond the pi itself runs about $25.)

But I can't get the 0w at that price, so I'm going to be making fewer things, but those things will be more capable.

I'd prefer the cheaper units. I don't need the extra power. Now that I know I'll have to have it, though, I'll find a way to use it.

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It appears the answer is yes.

1 unit - $5
2nd unit - $15
6th unit $20

At those prices, I'm better off getting a B3, or going with a knockoff manufacturer.

I get so frustrated every time I remember this.

Is it still impossible to buy the raspberry pi 0w in quantities greater than 1 unit from most retailers?

@Are0h Neat.

I'll keep that in mind next time I have a chance.

@Ethancdavenport We have four or five, yeah. We're in farm country.

@Are0h How bad was it moving to the fork?

I've been seriously considering running glitch for a while, but it hasn't happened yet.

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Hey, you can get @viTekiM 's R-COIL for $2 right now.

R-COIL is "what if Asteroids were 870% cooler and had particle effects?". It's really fun.

It also has a mode where you don't have to worry about lives or scoreboards, you can just shoot asteroids and alien ships to your heart's content. It's great stress relief.

#gameing #gaming

@freakazoid @saxnot I honesty forgot about it.

I think it’s the name, it just doesn’t stick in my head.

I’ll look at it after work tonight.

@saxnot This is less colab than organization.

We have a decent colab system (nextcloud + git + a kaban board.)


Hatch Chile mac and cheese, doctor pepper, compressed fried potato dust (aka pringles)

I really need to get some healthy.

@freakazoid I tend to be very sincere these days, but I like to specify when I'm communicating digitally.