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The c64 had better hardware graphics. The apple II was a more powerful computer. The c64 compares favorably to a IIe or similar, but each has it's strengths, and the apple II library is pretty massive, even along side the c64. I wonder which is bigger.

The plan is for me to explore both at length, and write a fair amount about each. We'll see how that goes.

@wxcafe I use a brother HL2550 for duplex printing (and it's refillable, so it's super cheap to print) or my Epson dotmatrix.

For staplers, I have one of these:

and one of these:

Both work well.

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This is all really useful info, thank you (as always!)

@ajroach42 Apple II disk images:

.DO is DOS order, it's a raw sector dump but not in linear order
.PO is ProDOS order, a raw sector dump in linear order
.HDV is a variant of ProDOS order for hard drive images, that IIRC supports sparse sectors, but in practice is usually just .PO renamed
.2MG is a container format meant to be the grand unifying disk image format, usually in practice it's a .PO with a 64 byte header and optionally footers with comment and creator
.NIB and .WOZ are lower-level dumps of copy protected disk images

So, converting .2MGs... in practice, strip the first 64 bytes.

Also, CiderPress is arguably the best tool, although it's Windows-only, but it should run in WINE.

Ciderpress refuses to install on my machine Linux box in wine.

I have a Windows install on another machine for games, so I'll use that for now.

My goal is to just convert the more common 2mg images to po images, but the only tools I can find that'll read them on linux is AppleCommander, which won't convert.

I am having a lot of fun with my Apple IIc.

I am having a hard time finding tools to interact with disk images on Linux.

It looks like my floppy emu can only boot from *.po images. I dunno why, but it won't boot from 2mg images at all. (I haven't tried hdv images yet.)

I just updated the firmware, but that didn't make a difference.

I'll take a look and shoot you a DM to discuss.

Nothing specific. Just how I felt this morning.