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@Wolf480pl @pnathan @ciaby @Shamar @seanl the problem is underfunding and mismanagement.

That’s the problem everywhere, but especially in education.

@seanl @Shamar @ciaby @pnathan @Wolf480pl (I do not mean to imply that that is your goal. Perhaps I should have phrased my standby differently.)

@Wolf480pl @pnathan @ciaby @Shamar @seanl this isn’t addressing the issue in any substantive way, unless you’re trying to bait someone in to saying we should abolish the education system for the good of education.

@Wolf480pl people who's power would be threatened by people who think for themselves?

The owners of capital.

@InspectorCaracal Double arrows at the bottom of the post in the web view, yeah?

@Wolf480pl @pnathan @ciaby @Shamar @seanl Having come out of a G&T program, I can attest that it's less about supporting us, and more about keeping us from causing problems for other people (and, honestly, keeping us alive.)

@Wolf480pl @pnathan @ciaby @Shamar @seanl and to turn them in to obedient workers who don't ask questions, and accept ridiculous punishments as a matter of course.

@Wolf480pl @pnathan @ciaby @Shamar I couldn't write when I was young, because of motor control issues, but I could read before I started school.

Everyone I know wanted to learn at some point. Most of them still do, but feel beaten down by the oppressive march of the clock.

@seanl @paulfree14 @phryk

I'm having this conversation right now.

Or rather, I'm talking to people who are in poverty due to a lack of education, and can't get an education due to a lack of free time, as a result of being in poverty.

I grew up in a very poor community, and I pulled myself out of it by chance and luck and so many of the people around me didn't.

I'm trying to help, but it's a difficult problem to approach from the ground.

@paulfree14 @phryk This idea also permeates a lot of christian society.

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Seriously. Fuck Microsoft. Fuck the justice system that allowed this.

The man was actually (and hopefully will continue) making a difference as it relates to ewaste, built-in obsolescence, et al.

#Ewaste #FOSS #Lundgren

@officialcjunior No idea if it will work in modern windows. I mostly use it on actual DOS.

Man, that e-waste/restore disk story has me *shook*.

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This is why I only use & support Free & Open Source Software in my personal life. This man is going to prison. Prison.

"A California man who built a sizable business out of recycling electronic waste is headed to federal prison for 15 months after a federal appeals court in Miami rejected his claim that the “restore disks” he made to extend the lives of computers had no financial value, instead ruling that he had infringed Microsoft’s products to the tune of $700,000."

@colelyman User's should never be required to do anything that is not strictly necessary, but should always be given the option and an explanation as to the impact of the actions that they are taking.

So, should users set up their own OS? If they want to, I guess. If it will deliver value to them, rather than just making things harder for them.

@officialcjunior lxpic for DOS.

a 20 KB viewer for JPG, GIF, PCX, BMP and ICN running in 64 KB memory under DOS and WinXX. Written in 8086 ASM, supporting all screen modes from CGA up to 2048x1536 True Color VESA.