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@mdhughes I know.

But you could still *run* hypercard stacks as long as you were on PPC.

I'll agree that we need more script-glue.

But I can't get over how much we lost when we lost hypercard.

@insom That was certainly a high point. Certainly the highest point of the Fusion years, and a real contender for best episode overall.

Scheer and Mantzoukas came back for the last episode of the most recent season.

I can't say that every episode, or even many of the episodes, are that good. But those moments are 100% there, and the whole show taken as a single experience is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen.

TCGS is punk rock made television.

It's frighteningly personal. It's frustratingly flawed. It has a lot of rough edges. It's clearly made by a bunch of amateurs, and it's remarkably beautiful.

If you get the opportunity, especially if you're feeling down, I can't reccomend this show enough.

I've seen every episode at least once, and most of them twice or more.

When I say I want DIY media, This is what I mean.

Go make your art.

So by the third of fourth episode they'd figured out that they were going to do a live call-in show, with lots of really Wild musical guests, and an absolutely unhinged set of topics.

The show is usually magical. Occasionally, it falls flat. Every once in a while, it manages to get too close to a line or two, but it's mostly just a really caring and thoughtful group of people trying Really Hard to make good TV, and almost succeeding.

@nowplaying @djsundog Have you heard Jack White/The Dead Weather's cover of this?

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Minutes before the second episode was scheduled to start (keep in mind that this is a live show) the crew was told that they had been kicked out of the large studio, and must use the small studio.

So they walk in to the small studio with literally no plan, and way too many people sitting in a bunch of chairs.

And someone calls them and asks "what is this show?"

And they invite her to join the show, and she does. She shows up before the end of the episode, and keeps coming back.

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We need to figure out (or someone needs to introduce me to..) a good alternative to Facebook Events ASAP.

I briefly reactivated my FB account (because reasons) and stumbled across a public lecture about Thomas Sankara, and an event put on by the Chilean embassy about Project Cybersyn. And it's an absolute crime that Facebook is the only way to discover these.

So you've got this weird, neurotic person who has been running a successful stage show for several years.

He had a sitcom. It failed.

He decided to bring his stage show to life on a public access TV station in New York. And it ... doesn't work at all.

It's a mess. It falls apart horribly. They barely know what they are doing. The first episode is a trainwreck. (It's a beautiful train wreck, don't get me wrong. I love it, but it was not what it was meant to be.) (cont.)

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More Media!

The Chris Gethard Show (Public Access Years)

TCGS is as DIY as it gets. This was a live weekly show that ran for 155 hour long episodes, and 14 specials on MNN public access.

Since then, the show has enjoyed two seasons on Fusion, and just wrapped a season on TruTV.

The Public Access Years, though, have a weird kind of magic to them.


Apple's been on my shit list since they shipped OS X for Intel without support for Hypercard.

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I know I mention this from time to time, but Computers are Bad.

How are modern computers in general so horrible?

And Windows 10 specifically is bad and getting worse.

@Are0h @msh the second season continues the pleasant surprise of the first.

I can’t say for certain that either of them resemble the book in any meaningful fashion, but they come closer to The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul (the sequel to Dirk Gentley’s holistic detective agency.)

I’m glad you are enjoying the show so far.

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