I'm approaching the point where it feels inevitable that I will record an album on which I sing.

I don't sing.

I should not sing.

But it feels inevitable that I will sing.

@djsundog still broken on tusky, but it's working on mobile web again. Whatever. I'll deal with it eventually.

@Nonverbalpoetry I tend to lean on SD video + open standards as the likely balancing point.

Something like a Pentium I MMX could do video playback assuming ideal conditions. Hardware accelerated video playback makes video possible in worse environments.

I don't know that this is where the community will land, or if many in the permacomputing community are even thinking about multi-media right now, but getting over the basic multi-media hump is what I'm hoping for.

@Nonverbalpoetry 1 - Film last for multiple decades. My oldest reels are from the 30s and still play back just fine (it's not Eternal. It does decay. But the fidelity you get until it does is 4k+)
2 - Video tape isn't really being made anymore, but commercial grade tapes last for decades too (maybe longer than film? We don't really know)
3 - Standard definition digital video takes up very little space (or takes up a lot of space but can be played back on very low end hardware.)


@Nonverbalpoetry Hey! Rando here, sorry to butt in this is just a thing I think about a lot.

I do a Lot of work with old video formats, new video formats, and old computers.

This is really difficult to answer because there are so many answers, but this is where I've landed.


@djsundog May have been happening pre upgrade. Was not paying close attention.

My personal notifications tab is broken?

They stream in when I have the web portal open, but they don't work at all from my app, and the history of past notifications doesn't display on the "all" tab.

Image posts with no caption appear to be working again.

That's nice.

Alright, I've got us back to a healthy amount of disk space. I'm fixing some image related errors, and rebuilding a couple of feeds that have been broken.

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I'm doing a bunch of additional maintenance on the server, so we might actually go down for a few minutes so I can do a clean reboot, but ... this was the least painful upgrade I've done so far. Really glad I moved this server to a bare metal install.

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Yeah, seeing a couple of small errors that I can probably root out, but the big stuff seems to have worked without issue.

So, uhh, looks like the upgrade is done.

That was relatively painless.

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Or maybe there won't be any downtime because we were close enough to current that nothing of substance broke?

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Alright. Taking retro down for unscheduled maintenance. Sorry about it, but this is the first time I've had available in a minute to do the upgrade, so I'm going to do it.

Alright, I'm feeling several kinds of ways right now.

Fired up.

Ready to kick some shit.

Let's do it. Let's go. Let's change things.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Yeah... Lots of cleanup needed. It works, but it's clearly not Gemini first.

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I imported my blog to gemini space and did a rough conversion of all the posts I've ever done.

A lot of them have video embeds, so I've got to go clean those up manually, and I need to come up with a better way to generate page titles on the index (at the moment, I might end up doing the index by hand? I don't want to do the index by hand.)

anyway, you can find me at gemini://ofmanytrades.com

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@mdhughes I bought a copy in the time between the original post and now, but I haven't read it yet. It's pretty high up on the list though.

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