I've been playing with Miracast.

It works really well from all of my mobile devices (cellphones, tablets, etc) to roku devices.

I imagine, but I haven't confirmed, that it will work as smoothly to smart TVs, probably also to Android TV devices?

I dunno, I'm not 100% sure what Android TV is.

It seems like I should be able to do this from a linux box, or even *too* a linux box, but there don't appear to be any simple solutions for that? I keep seeing reference to something called Miraclecast, but that's not in my package repos.

Just found this project that is digitizing old shellac records now in the public domain. You can listen on the site with their neat digital record player or download the flac files.

Family Death 


I sympathize. It was sad when my mom passed a few years ago, but it also meant that she was no longer suffering, and that we were no longer navigating the american healthcare system.

A lot of stress and grief was replaced with a lot of grief, and the grief was less bad without the stress.

@crash they were excellent films! I didn't vote, because I didn't get to watch all of them, but the ones I saw were all wonderful.

@anthk huh, I'll have to poke at it and see how working with it is today.

I last used TCL+TK in, like, 2007?

@anthk I haven't thought about TCL+TK in ages. Is it even still a thing?

@ajroach42 The flip... And I mean the original. 640x480 and everything. I loved the form factor. And the USB thing... Cute idea, but sooo easy to cause damage. Not the best design in the end.

@48kRAM I need to get a umatic.

I'm shooting on a Sony portapak right now.

@ajroach42 JVC GF-S550 Super VHS Camcorder. I learned basic ENG/EFP and linear editing with that thing in my broadcast journalism courses in the late 2000’s. Thing was solid and stood out in a fun way.

@ajroach42 Has to be the Pure Digital CVS "disposable" camera for me. (See wundervisionenvisionthefuture. etc.) Nothing too fancy, about the quality of an early webcam in your pocket, for ~$25. You were supposed to return them to get the video, but people figured out the protocol and made software to grab the videos anyway. Always had one in my pocket in school after they came out. If the best camera is the one you have with you, that was the best for years.

The weirder the better! I'm considering a course of action.

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