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Still Andrew (I guess)

To bring radio back, we need BBC/NPR/Classical music announcers on all genres.

"That was the Rollings Stones quartet, playing 'Hey you, get off of my cloud', in E minor."

I'm going to take an EXTREMELY hot bath. Completely clothed, of course.

Right now, in this moment, I am living the life I thought I would be living when I was young.

These moments don't come often, but it is important to recognize them and savor them when they do.

It took too much fiddling last night, and I still have more fiddling to do tonight, but I did manage to get (free)DOS installed in qemu.

Now I just have to figure out how to pass it a : so that I can change drives and install software. (The colon is under a layer of shortcuts by default, and army is ignoring my attempts to use it.)

I would just use the mobile site, but I get a weird popup over the screen any time I try to type.

I need to update us, and finally get my own themes installed, but who has the time?

I need a Mastodon app for Android that doesn't look like garbage on a wide screen.

Any suggestions?

One point I will mention is that this device would be uncomfortable to use as a cellphone at any capacity.

Not impossible, mind you. It'd work. It just wouldn't be comfortable.

There isn't a debain image available for my model yet, which is frustrating, because I don't want this thing to be an android machine.

But, between JuiceSSH, DOSBox, and qemu, I'm getting a lot done.

It won't ever be my only device, but if I can get debian on it, it might be my primary portable device.

So, on the whole, after several hours of heavy use last night, I'm mostly pleased with the .

I like it more than the reviews made me think I'd like it. The keyboard is just a touch too small for me. It isn't actually small enough to render it unusable, just occasionally uncomfortable. It's also the largest size I could comfortably thumb type on.

So, on the whole, I'm calling that a decent compromise.

just a helpful little note i made for a friend who isn't willing to hear it right now

The keyboard on the Gemini isn't terribly difficult to get used to. A few minutes of hacking at it and I'm mostly comfortable.

Punctuation is still a bit of a problem, but I'm pretty comfortable with letters at least.

As soon as I've wrapped my head around some of these special characters, I'm going to take a crack at using the machine as a command line box, ssh'd in to my webserver for most of the day.

The idea, mostly, is to make it fun for folks around the age of 10-15.

I wanted this so much when I was a kid.

If I did it the way I want to do it, all the bots would run the same firmware.

The users would be able to tune how aggressive or defensive the bot was within predefined parameters, and would have some control over the behavior and decision making, but only a little.

I have toyed around with a few models, and I threw together an arduino based kit that would run me about $60 each.

They would be small. Backpack sized or smaller.

cheap, 3D printed armor that is mostly cosmetic. Swappable weapons. a handful of upgrades available in the style so common to video games.

Do a twitch channel, live events, battle nights. Treat it like prowrestling.

Now that we are getting settled in to the new place and there is a chance on the horizon that I will have some freetime again in the future, I'm spending a lot of time thinking about some projects I had to leave on the cutting room floor a few months or years ago.

One that is really silly, but is always at the top of my list is autonomous robot fighting.

Battlebots, but with sensors and decision making.

While the lady is away, I have been filling my evenings with Public Domain movies. Tonight, I watched The Roar of the Presses.

It's kind of a cheap imitation of, and unofficial sequel to The Front Page.

It wasn't bad! If I am hard on it, it is because The Front Page is so good. Worth watching, if you manage your expectations.