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That's right, a Beyblade style spintop battle game is a part of Malaysian heritage, with official national tournaments.

If that's not the coolest thing you learned today, I wanna know what is, so that I can lean something cooler than that.

Gasing pangkah is a competitive Malay game of spinning tops in which two or more players compete to strike each other's top out of a circle or to make it fall over and stop spinning.

Considered part of the Malay state heritage, official tournaments are held, with a declared goal of exposing the younger generation to the game.

The game is also popular in neighboring Brunei.

I was reminded of the game today in a boingboing article about a spin top.

It was one of my favorites when I was a kid, and upon being reminded of it, I hopped over to wikipedia.

And while I was on wikipedia, I discovered something wonderful.

So Battling Spaceship = Beyblade + a real basic spinner based board game + some basic 1970s space memorabilia.

It's Adorable.

Here, have a commercial: (youtube link, sorry)

Crosby, Stills, & Nash slap a timer set at two minutes: we can fit so much art into this bad boy

New to the Takedown Hall of Shame: it took far more than it should have to convince Sony that it did not own music by Bach, who died over 250 years ago source:

Given a one-use round-trip time machine I'd be sorely tempted to forget dealing with that one guy and just go swoon over Joan Baez for as long as I was allowed. Sorry.

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In no way did I spend $25 on a copy of the boardgame Battling Spaceships today, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.

I wish I could find an archive of local newspapers.

Not even local here. I wish I could find digitized copies of Many local or regional newspapers over the last 150 years.

Is there some kind of online independent newspaper archive?

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