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Still Andrew (I guess)

Y'all remember that one app that was supposed to just show you random pictures and videos and let you interact with them like social media without there actually being a profile or anything? Like the buttons were there but they didn't actually do anything. I wonder what ever happened to that and if/how it was used to track/monitor people probably.

I'm currently wearing a pair of Grado SR80s, and I dig those.

But if I can get nicer headphones and not pay for them, I'm going to.

My office does Headphone reimbursement up to $300.

I work from home, so I don't need noise cancelling, but I don't mind it.

What are the best headphones available for less than $300, in your esteemed opinions?

We've nearly finished s1 of TNG, and I'm shocked at how many of these episodes I hadn't seen, and also at how many of the ones I had seen were in season one.

Lore! Picard as a Sam Spade knockoff!

I'm also struck by how *very* 1960s TOS some of the episodes have been. Like, you can feel Roddenberry all over this shit.

Spent the evening fighting with Inform 7.

Specifically, the syntax for dealing with time or turns passed confused me a great deal.

I have it worked out now, but that was not well documented.

i'm using sbux internet and the name i entered to get on it was Dog Nugget, email

so... if there really is a dog nugget out there, sorry.

So yeah! That's where my head is. This is what I'm working on. I haven't been productive in a while, but I'm working on it.

Lemme know if you want to help make things.

I'm getting organized, and finding the tools we'll need to work together.

I'm open to suggestions, feedback, etc.

Thanks for listening.

Once those things are done, my energies will shift to recruiting new collaborators, and helping them bring their ideas to life or introducing them to people who they want to work with.

I want to move quickly again, and I feel that I am in a position where I am able.

There's a chance it'll all sputter out, or that life will throw me another curveball, but while I'm able to create things, and facilitate others in creating things, I'm going to do so.

The small computer game is actually one I built when I was in highschool. It needs a coat of a paint and some balance, but it's pretty much done.

The videos are written and partially shot. I'll finish shooting and editing them soon.

The first audiobook has been recorded, and is in post production now. I might finish it tonight, but probably tomorrow.

The short fiction magazine issues are mostly done, and have been for a while. I've been putting them off because of the chaos that has been going on around me. (more about that later, it's mostly over.) I need to double check the formatting, clean up the cover images, and start printing.

The novella is finished, and I have a cover made. I need to typeset it and make the back cover.

So due out before the end of the year:

- 3 short fiction magazine issues
- 1 noir novella
- Several audiobook editions of various public domain and creative commons science fiction stories
- A small computer game
- Several videos about integrating recycled tech in to your life

Additionally, I'm hoping for:
- A website for all of these things to live on,
- A website through which the collaborators can collaborate
- HOW TO GUIDES for making ... basically anything
- A podcast

We'll also use and embrace new technologies. (h265 video and opus audio, file distribution via Dat, for example), but the goal is to lower the barrier to entry for creation, and for consumption.

(Which means that, with all of these file types available, we have to make it obvious which one is the most appropriate for a given user. Choice paralysis is real, and e don't want to make it worse.)

So I'm making media, and helping others make media. My focus is on making media cheaply, and making it widely distributable. Making it easy to interact with.

That means we're targeting weak devices. That means our web pages will work in lynx, that our media will be available via Gopher, that our ebooks will also be available as plain text, that our videos will be available in multiple formats, That we will use open file types.

Most of the work that I'm doing right now is centered on helping people make things, and leveraging existing tools (like Beaker and Nextcloud and git and Jekyll and hugo and wordpress and libreoffice and audacity) rather than building new ones.

We need to create content and build a community before it will make sense for us to tackle the more ambitious software projects I have in mind.

But those things are there, in the background, growing and developing.

Okay, that's better. That explains how the things are thematically linked, and where they sit in terms of my attention.

I'm leading these other projects, but I'm mostly letting other people take the reins.

My actual focus is almost entirely on enabling rich collaboration and empowering people to make their own shit, and then giving those creations somewhere to live.

As we are working on this media, I am building the foundations of, or maybe an MVP/PoC of tools to communicate without reliance on a central network.

In an ideal world, we'll have a distributed, decentralized network powered by sustainably sourced or recycled hardware, serving as a platform for collaboration on the creation of media, and a platform for the distribution and discovery of same.

In the real world, we'll at least get some of that. Most of it built around pre-existing tools.

That last bit is important and I haven't really explained how.

And there's also the sustainability bit that's riding under all of this that I also need to explain.

So: tools for media creation and distribution are also tools for communication.

These tools tend to be computer powered, internet dependent, and power hungry.

I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to improve computer powered communication tools.

Within the next 4 months, I hope to release or have a hand in releasing
- 3 short fiction magazines,
- several audio books,
- a novella,
- a text adventure game,
- several videos
- some podcast episodes,
- and potentially some software or at least some documentation around existing software.

These things are all related thematically in that they are all about owning the means of media production and distribution, and communication.

I was worried that these thoughts would come out in a jumble because I'm still trying to piece together exactly how they are related, and instead they are just not coming out at all, which is, I think, worse.

Let me try again.