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Still Andrew (I guess)

We are in a post silo internet.

Their power wanes with every passing day.

Federate or die.

This is the file I have to open any time I want to start something new. New ideas go at the bottom, along with descriptions and notes. I make myself acknowledge what I will be pulling attention away from in order to start on a new thing.

Sometimes, that convinces me to start on the new thing. Sometimes it convinces me to rearrange my schedule to fit the new thing in later. Sometimes it convinces me to abandon the idea.

Most of this stuff is dead or on hold until I get through with some of the high profile stuff. The on hold stuff are "long term", the dead stuff are "someday/maybe". If they were really dead, I'd remove them from the file (which I do, from time to time.)

Adherents to GTD might recognize some elements of this, but my purpose is different.

There are currently 48 capital P Projects and a few dozen small projects in that file.

I use this as a place to be honest with myself.

It's ugly, kind of brutal. I list my blockers in the notes. The blockers are often "time" or "this isn't actually possible"

It's amazing how often "this isn't possible" becomes "this will take twelve hours" when you take the time to refocus on the part of an idea that actually excites you.

I have a file on my desktop called Idea Debt.

It is structured like this:
- Title: Name of project that I would recognize, shorthand for referring to it.
- Description of project: How i would describe it to someone else.
- Notes: Current project status and next steps. Ideas for rehashing. Stray thoughts.
- Status: [active|suspended|dead|planned]

I go through it once a month and update it, update status, capture any new notes.

Recently, I've taken to adding a proposed schedule.

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now that my desk is in use and i'm playing again, i'm gonna bust out the goog spreadsheet i made like two years ago. i finally evolved nidorina so i'ts time to pick a new buddy.

what's UP mastodon i'm coming to you live from my desk for the first time ever, a small portion of post-divorce detritus repurposed and made orderly again. :kirby_happy:

feels good, feels organic, my knee hurts, but what else is new. i guess next i'm going to work on getting all of my documents into my filing cabinet and just generally organize this shit.

how did you improve yourself or your situation today? how would you like to?

boost this and I'll tell you which shakespeare line you are. these will be selected completely randomly

And seriously, I want to start a Saturday Morning robot fighting club in the little park in front of my apartment complex, next to the coffee shop.

Just show up with an arena, a stack of robots, a couple of different sets of armor, one or two raspberry pi based tuning boxes (that will perform basic diagnostics and allow users to tune specific behaviors on the bots).

Set up some lawn chairs, post a sign up sheet and an explanation sheet, bring a couple of friends, make a couple more.

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There are two catches on that front, IMO.

1) the bots are expensive ($130ish for the kit.) [otoh, my DIY attempt was less functional, and cost $95 or so, so it's not that big of a difference.]

2) I'm trying to not jump in to any new projects for a while, while I wrap up existing ones (and even as I type that, part of my brain is screaming "This isn't a new project, you started working on those robots two years ago.")

He suggests that mini-sumo would be more fun, and that working with a kit would result in a sturdier, less fragile bot.

And, specifically, mini sumo has a max size of 10CM^3, which is also just under the max print size of my 3D printer.

So, theoretically, he could design armor which I could 3D print for the bots, up to and including a full enclosure.

My little brother sent me a link to a minisumo robot kit.

I have a couple of low powered robots (too big for mini sumo, too cheap for competition sumo) andI tossed together some obstacle tracking/attacking code for them.

It was fun!

But the chassis are too heavy on my bots, and the motors aren't strong enough, and the whole thing is just kind of fragile, so when our battles are over, the bots are often down for days or weeks until I can repair them.

I'm listening to the Space Disco Intergalactic Wasabi mix, and Meco Disco Starwars just came on.

And the host is talking over it.

And it's some kind of cyberpunk nightmare feverdream.


Please check out the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix setlist yesterday! 🎢 Link to the audio recording from the archives also provided! πŸ‘Ύ I played #SpaceDisco and #ItaloDisco tunez πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸŽΆ

Artists included on this setlist were:

Harry Thurman
The Immortals
Donna Summer
International Music System
Padded Cell
Marbeya Sound
Madleen Kane

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