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Still Andrew (I guess)

My dog is staring out the window barking at, what appears to me to be, nothing.

I've been reading early 20th century weird fiction and horror recently, and my first thought was that the dog had encountered a demon hiding in the aether in the space between worlds.

Like, I heard her barking, and my natural instinct was "oh, don't worry about it. She's just barking at demons in the aether in the space between worlds. That's perfectly normal for a dog to do."

I need to get out more.

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This is pretty cool - a curated list of open-source remakes of games. I have a hankering for some bomberman clones!

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Now it's time to take a break, and perhaps read a book in a cafe somewhere (within walking distance of my apartment, because fuck driving.)

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@ajroach42 rather than paying this organization, or using a trademarked name, I think it would be good just to encourage setting up these free libraries independently, and mapping their locations on OpenStreetMap. You can use the amenity=public_bookcase tag, and thousands are mapped already, although that's a small fraction of extant bookcases:

Hi! I'd like to know about Little Free Libraries.

Do you know about Little Free Libraries?

It seems like a cute idea, the organization doesn't seem horrible. Are there flaws I'm missing?

Is there a better way to reach the same goal?

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