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Andrew (R.S Admin)

I'm Back!

My shopping trip was largely unsuccessful, but I'm getting ready to watch some Rocky Jones, Space Ranger and some Space Patrol.

If you want to watch some early 50s science fiction TV, I'll probably be at this for a few hours. I might even sneak in some late 40s stuff.

It looks like a podcast recording is unlikely.

Watch with me:

i think dat is really cool (mutable torrents!!) but i remain skeptical that append-only datastructures make sense for sensitive data like social media and chat logs

Space Patrol is over. I'm going to go run to the store, and then I'll probably do another episode or two.

If anyone is interested, I'll be back in rabbit in about half an hour.

Tom Corbett is over, I'm grabbing another drink, and then I'll start another episode of Space Patrol!

I'm going to start uploading game assets to itch . io so people can freely use everything I make ! #PixelArt #MastoArt #sprites #GameDev #ocean

I'm in rabbit here: Watch with me in Andrew:

I'll have a 15-minute episode of Tom Corbett running while I give folks a chance to join. When it's over, we'll move on to Space Patrol

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But first I gotta consume some flesh and plant matter, and drink some hot water filtered through beans.

I talk about this show a Lot, and I'm really jazzed to be sharing it with some folks today.

(Space Patrol is a 1950 science fiction TV show targeted at children. It's the precursor to Star Trek in many ways.

It was broadcast live 6 days a week for the majority of 4 years, in addition there was a weekly radio show, some comic books, and at least three similar competing shows (with their own radio shows, novels, comic books, and other stuff.)

It's kind of silly, and somehow largely forgotten today, in spite of the tremendous phenomenon it was in the 50s.)

In about an hour, I'll start a rabbit room for watching Space Patrol, if anyone would like to join.

This may or may not segue in to a podcast recording about Space Patrol, depending on who is interested in recording.

I'll probably leave the rabbit room.going for a while, feel free to pop in.

(I'll respond to this post when I'm ready to get started.)

drew this monster on a scratch board. i dunno anything about scratch board it’s really hard but now i want to buy more

We got to the episode of Voyager where they fight the holographic aliens, and Tom's holodeck program is such a mishmash of era and styles.

His villain is based on Flash Gordon. The robot is based on The Phantom Empire. Tom's costume is commando cody/the rocketman from the 50s serials.

Anyway, it's funny to see these things being portrayed, and it's amusing to see how they mix eras.

I uploaded two Tom Corbett Space Cadet episodes from my collection.

These are 15 minute episodes, part of the lower budget daily series (rather than the slightly higher budget, half hour weekend episodes). I have not identified the names of these episodes or when they aired.

If you're well versed in Tom Corbett Space Cadet and want to try and help me out in identifying them, That'd be swell.

I've got some Pagliacci joke ideas but I'm going to save them for the morning when people are awake and also have moved on to other jokes

Is anyone archiving vintage Viewmaster reels for use with modern VR systems (even something like Cardboard?)

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That drummer!

The bassist.

I wish some of their music survived, but apparently king and Carter's jazzing orchestra never committed anything to wax.