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Still Andrew (I guess)

Indian place next door to me is doing free ice cream! I don't know what Malai is, but I'm looking forward to trying it.

If you think you need a CAPTCHA, there's a 90% chance you don't.

If you do need a CAPTCHA, there's a 90% chance that whatever you're doing is making the world a worse place.

TCP - i showed u my packets pls respond
UDP - i screm

Man, this new he-man storyline is incomprehensible.

@hummingrain I finally read and responded to your emails, and I'll read the works you've shared with me soon.

The writing in this last season of Voyager is So Much Worse than previous seasons.

It's heavy handed and wish fulfillment-y and just generally lazy.

I'm glad this is the last season.

It wasn't anything astounding, or anything exceptionally rare, but it was the best cheap haul I've stumbled across in ages.

I snagged a drifters album, the stones' let it bleed, The Clash's London Calling, an early Marvin Gaye album, and a couple of others.

Nothing earth shattering, but the first legitimately cheap haul I've stumbled across in ages.

I got some two weeks ago from a little antique store.

I don't like to brag about my record finds on mastodon because at this point, I'm mostly just looking for/buying high dollar items, and I feel kind of bad about the money that I spend on them.

Earlier in the year I got two question mark and the mysterions albums, and they were $30/each, and that's ridiculous.

But the last weekend in February I found a stash of albums for $3-6 each, and that was pretty exciting.

15v, 1A center negative.

I need to figure out what size the plug is and then I can start looking for a PSU.

just told my doctor how to establish trade relations with crows

she said “this will be useful in the apocalypse”

Maybe I should start going to SCA events again, it probably wouldn't hurt to learn how to spin and loom and forge weapons, these are skills I will likely need going forward

I accidentally purchased a timex sinclair 2068.

Actually accidentally, in that I put it in my cart two weeks ago while I was considering it, forgot about it, and then bought something else, thus paying for everything in my cart.

It doesn't have a power cable, though.

Any idea what kind of power supply an american timex sinclair 2068 would want?

Just re-reading this post makes me whistful.

Hell yeah I want to go to india and write a book and fly around in my weird barely functional half airplane.

So, I guess I need to buy an autogyro and book a flight to india and write a book while I'm there?

- I'm pretty good at kaboom

- I've written a couple of computer games and made a few board games!

- I'm making toys.

- I owned a record store/bookstore/concert venue for a few years, and I might open another one eventually.

- I've never been to India or Asia. I could book a flight tomorrow, but something keeps me here.

- It seems unlikely that I'll be able to visit outerspace in my lifetime.

- I've never written a book. I've tried, but I've been unsuccessful.

- I have not yet filmed a movie

I don't have a flying machine or a hovercraft, but I could build a hovercraft in a few weekends, or buy one.

As far as flying machines go, I could probably afford a new autogyro sometime in the next two years, and I could learn to fly that. I'm not sure if I actually want either of those things anymore.

Now, of course, I have lots of small computers with internet connections, and I have my phone which is way more powerful than my palm pilot was (I also have the palm pilot I wanted as a kid, and I use it all the time.)

I have a couple of c64s, and I have digital copies of every atari 2600 game and a way to play them on real hardware.

Things to have:
- small computers with internet connections
- a flying machine of some sort
- a hovercraft
- a better palm pilot
- a commodore 64
- Every atari game