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Hey y'all, my friend @Username_Here_ASAP needs people to follow.

He likes high fantasy, story heavy RPG, and plotting the destruction of the capitalist class.

He's funny, and kind, and working hard to become a better person in ways that are subtle and admirable. He's one of the absolute best friends I have, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me find some cool folks for him to follow.

Hot take: The fediverse needs microtransaction infrastructure to leave centralized media monopolies behind.

As in, seize the means of media production, @ajroach42 -style

reminder that adobe has published cd keys for legacy macromedia software that you can easily get ISOs of on the internet archive

Have we talked about how Jäh Division distilled our current cyberpunk dystopian timeline in to a perfect soundtrack?

Dub will tear us apart again is music from the future.

It's about a corporation racing other corporations to colonize Mars, told from the point of view of various crew people and the shipboard AI.

It's smart, and funny and sad so far.

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I started listening to yesterday.

I only made it through the first episode, and a few minutes in to the second before I arrived at my destination, but I was really impressed with what I heard.


On this warm and sunny Sunday…
…why not fix an old computer?

Anyone have any tips on trying to diy some wax packs of my own?

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@ajroach42 dunking in paraffin and then maybe squeegee off the excess? The real question is what kind of gum you'll put inside? I suggest fruit stripe gum, as it loses flavor in about three seconds.

Anyone have any tips on trying to diy some wax packs of my own?

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(we thought someone else was going to buy it. They've backed out becuase they can't afford to front the money.

We can't afford to front the money either, but I'm betting I can fix that. We'll see how the next several conversations go.)

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And now we're back to trying to figure out how to purchase the coffee shop.

Oh yeah, getting pcmcia storage to work in DOS is a pain in the fucking ass, I remember now why I never bother with it.

I am 100% open to suggestions for useful software for either machine.

I have ideas, of course. After all, I write about this kind of thing all the time.

But these two computers each present quirks and challenges that prevented me from ever having them in serious contention for daily use.

Now that I have daily use figured out (via my Omnibook 300) it's time to start exploring the fringe.

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Anyway, I'm basically using my vacation to play with old computers and visit my family that is all sad and stuff.

The computer part has been great!

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On the other hand, while I'm in GA, I also picked up my Gateway Handbook 286, and I'm imaging a new HDD for that.

It's also *very* cybre, with it's indeglow screen.

I'll probably just install a good text editor and some IF on that, and let it be. It has a serial port, but no PCMCIA slot, so it still lands somewhere short of completely useful (plus a 286! Oof!)

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At least, though the Liberetto has a PCMCIA slot and works reasonably well with flash memory. So It isn't entirely out of the usefulness running.

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So I gotta figure out what I'm going to use it for, and where it'll fit in to my arsenal.

The fact that the internal battery is essentially toast (but not entirely toast! for reasons I don't full understand) is a serious limiting factor. (But! Now that I have two, I can get one of them rebuilt (again, to use with the less busted model)

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