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Anyway, I guess this is something that really demands an investment in time.

I'm not sure if I have that time to devote, but I want to get the process started at least.

And some more research is required in to the total number of radio episodes produced! Many sources (including my collection) put the number at 129, but I have a letter here from Lyn Osborne dated 1953 (two years before the end of the run of the show) in which he claims that there have already been over 200 radio episodes broadcast.

Maybe he misspoke, but I think it's equally likely that Wikipedia and the OTR resellers are missing 70+ episodes.

A thing I have noticed is that there is not a good index of the episodes of Space Patrol and Tom Corbett that exist/are lost or incomplete.

Granted, with 1300 episodes that's a huge undertaking, but I think it'd be worthwhile to at least compile a list of the missing and damaged half hour episodes (a modest portion of the 210 half hour episodes are damaged or missing, compared to an even more modest portion of the 15 minute episodes that aren't).

Radical organizing seems pretty hyper-concentrated in cities, so I was wondering if anyone on here has experience organizing in rural areas? What unique challenges are there to it and how do you approach it?

@enkiv2 "solving your own problems without worrying about scale"

That's my new mantra, thank-you.

I am a big supporter of Small Tech: three line shell scripts, gopher holes, when websites render properly on a VIC-20, building your new PC tower out of the 10 year old PCs your neighbours recently discarded, solving your own problems without worrying about scale.


jk it's not a dinosaur it's a turtle, poking his head out from his new burrow, made from a terra cotta pot half buried on its side, covered with that groundcover I was talking about, stacked over a Y-shaped stick inverted near the opening, finally, covered with white birch bark.

Much more cozy than just a self-dug hole of dirt, I'm sure!

(And, the soil around the pot is a very sandy dirt mix, so ideal for digging.)

@ajroach42 do you have any tips for digitizing zines? like, I don't really *want* to damage a 30 year old punk zine that may or may not exist elsewhere anymore.

Is it feasible to de- and re-staple a magazine? Does scanning a stapled magazine look good enough?

I love that the Archivist Quill exists at a tenth of the price for a commercial planetary scanner, but that's way out of my budget

It s Dreamcast's birthday and I'm reminded that I need to but a DC and a Saturn whenever I get the money

I only just realized that it's Halloween when I walked into the kitchen and saw what I initially assumed was a year-old candy bag that my dad had scavenged from somewhere

I have been considering learning to bake bread. It's something I've never done, but it seems like something everyone should do at some point.

@ajroach42 *sigh*

I wish my ST Book still worked, but I haven't been able to resurrect it after the original hard disk broke a couple of years ago (even though the vital ST Book specific software should be on the ROM disk)...

I dunno, I guess what I'm saying is that there is a magic to something that has to be done in one take. To a world where you have to recover, and continue the episode.

I really hope to apply some of what I'm learning here to and in general.

Some of these lessons appear to have be mislearned or misinterpreted over the years, and sometimes
even in this book, but it's still really interesting to read about the events that led to the decisions, you know?

I love watching early TV, Live TV, because it feels intimate and chaotic. It's like a stage performance, but a stage performance where you get to be On The Stage. And there are elements of that missing from modern TV, in terms of polish and technique and ...

Also, I'm about 1/3 of the day through this Space Patrol book.

I'm learning a lot. Some of it makes me sad. Some of it is really useful. Some, both.

One thing that I learned is that I really liked Good Reads, and I'm excited for @Alamantus to replace it.

But mostly I'm just getting the inside hollywood view of what it was like to shoot 8 episodes a week for several years without a break, and really what it was like to pioneer a cinematic approach to early TV.

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