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Also, yes, Columbus did not reach "the US", both because the US wouldn't exist for several hundred years and becuase the area that he landed in was the Bahamas.

I meant to type "the Americas" but I failed to do so. I blame my US education for equating "America" with the US so often that I do it unconsciously.

The point is that A Billion is a lot, and it's a hard number to even really understand.

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Someone earlier said Jeff Bezos makes more in a week than you could have earned at $5k/day since Columbus reached the US.

I didn't believe it.

I checked.

It appears to be true.

This is disgusting.

Just pulled into the top of my driveway to find two juvenile deer standing up there.

Weird day!

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And it's easy to, once you've built up a large enough corpus, chart the development of things like cars, telephones, safety laws, through pop culture.

And, viewed through this lens, things that currently seem permanent and indomitable suddenly start to look a little less so.

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One of the things I really love about studying the evolution of pop culture, and contextualizing pop-culture that has been well remembered against the contemporaries that weren't, is that you really get a sense for the ways the world changed, and the pace at which it changed.

Some old media, and especially old Children's media, is essentially unrecognizable as taking place in the same world we live in!

But even with science fiction, you can see the changing attitudes and technology.

@iliana you've heard of snakes on a plane, now get ready for a whale on a rail

Collapse OS:
- Run on minimal and improvised machines.
- Interface through improvised means (serial, keyboard, display).
- Edit text files.
- Compile assembler source files for a wide range of MCUs and CPUs.
- Read and write from a wide range of storage devices.
- Replicate itself.

The glue is dry on the test box.

This paper is holding up pretty well, I may just keep using it.

This is a little messy, becuase I cut it free hand (and it's not fully printed), but it gives a good approximation of what the finished thing might look like.

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Yeah, the cost difference between a 1GB drive and a 2GB drive (in bulk, at least) is like 7 cents per drive.

So that makes it a really easy call! I'll do 2GB flash drives.

I've more or less figured out what to put on them, although I suppose I'll need to include at least a link to VLC, and I may want to re-encode some of these files...

But yeah, I have flash drives on the way, we'll see how it goes.

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So 4 radio shows is ~10 MB. The two movies come to 300MB.

The two TV shows come to about 100MB/episode, the film serials are 100MB/episode.

If I have 2GB flash drives, I can reasonably fit both films (300MB), 4 radio shows (+20MB = 320MB), 4 TV episodes (+400MB = 720MB) and still have a gig and change to spare.

I think 2GB is the way to go. The above seems like a reasonable amount of media to include in a box, and 2GB gives me enough overhead to add things like episodes of Captain Marvel.

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The Captain Marvel serial episodes run about 100 MB/each in HD

Dick Tracy Detective (1945) is in the public domain, it's about an hour long, and should be about 150 MB in SD

The Gremlin in Space is 100 MB in SD.

The radio show episodes are about 5MB/each (although I could reasonably reduce that.)

Dragnet TV episodes run about 75 MB, with another 5-6MB for the radio show.

Cat women of the Moon clocks in at 150 MB.

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I may also include an episode of the Space Patrol radio show, and maybe even an episode or two of the space patrol TV show.

I don't think I'm going to include any Rocky Jones Space Ranger in this box. I gotta figure out how much space the existing media takes up, and how many pages I'm using.

Need to keep fiddling.

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Tom Corbett - Rocket in to Danger (two part radio show) - The Gremlin in Space (TV episode)
Space Patrol - 1 comic book
Dick Tracy - A movie or TV episode (I'm checking which ones are PD)
Dragnet - A radio episode, a TV episode
Philip K Dick - Beyond lies the Wub (Zine and Audio book)
Andre Norton - Probably the first section of Voodoo Planet? I'm looking for short stories, too/instead
Captain Marvel - the first chapter or two of the Captain Marvel serial.

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If you look closely at that image it says it includes: Tom Corbett Space Cadet, Space Patrol, Dick Tracy, Cat-Women on the Moon, Dragnet, Philip K Dick, Andre Norton, Captain Marvel (And More!)

Let me quickly break down what I'm planning for each of these, and what else I'm considering. (see next post)

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Alright, successfully got my CF card to boot! (note: even though the instructions list it as solution #2, and even though they say "if you're using DOS 6.22" (it's actually 5.0+), you need to run FDISK /MBR to make it boot)

now to load a bunch of fun junk back onto my whopping 1GB MS-DOS CF card (:<

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Next steps:

- Finish box design
- Make boxes
- Order flash drives
- Decide on exactly which media to include in flash dives and make sure it fits
- Make flash drive image and write duplicates
- Decide on which comics and books to include
- print and bind comics and books
- decide on which goodies to include.

I already have a fair amount of media selected, it's really just a matter of narrowing the selection to a few items, and doing up coves, I guess.

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Of course, most of the Goodies I want to include are things like posters and papecraft toys and very small trinkets, so I won't need all that space most of the time.

When I do need the space, it'll mostly be for small toys (Marx playset style, or maybe even Star Wars style, both of which should fit without issue.)

And I doubt I'll actually be including 320 pages of media in each box. I doubt I'll include 320 pages of media in *any* box, come to think of it.

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The prototype box can hold 10 32 page comics/zines.

It's a snug fit on thickness, I could potentially add 5 or 6 additional sheets of paper, but that's it.

I have about about an inch of width to spare too (the comics are digest size, at 8.5x5.5, the box is 6.5x8.75) So I have a quarter inch of clearance at the top, and a full inch next to the comics/zines in which I can stash goodies.

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Here are a couple of rough shots of my prototype boxes.

Of course, these don't have the final front design, don't have any design on the back or sides, and aren't using the final paper I'm planning to use, but they give me an idea of how things are coming together, and let me test fit the various components to make sure everything will fit at this size.

If everything doesn't fit, then it's back to the drawing board.

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