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@theartguy @ajroach42 don't let little things like numbers and time get in the way of doing what you wanna do - they're all made up ;)

@ajroach42 A while ago I ordered a Unihertz Jelly Pro, a cheap and very very tiny Android smartphone. They almost immediately contacted me to let me know that the postal method (Singapore or Hong Kong Post, I forget which) had often incredibly long delays when shipping to Canada, but if I wanted to pay $10 or so I could get it shipped via some fast international parcel deliverer. I said no, because a lot of the fun in ordering weird gadgets is in suddenly receiving an unexpected gift from my past self that I've since forgotten about ;)

@ajroach42 haha, i can barely sit in the chair and have it reach the wall. Amazing.

First thought:

Why the fuck is this AC adapter cord so tiny? It's Way too short to be useful.

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It appears I received a pinebook pro in the mail.

I don't remember ordering a pinebook pro.

I mean, it Seems like something I'd do, I just have no recollection of it.

I very nearly ordered on three days ago, so I'm glad I didn't order that (second?) one.

I guess I should figure out what slaps.

What if we put Jazz Jackrabbit's head on top of Dracula's body! 

I'm still alive. I'm no longer driving. I'm still two point five hours from my apartment.

Did I mention, I think I'm supposed to work today? Obviously it is pretty unlikely that I will do that with any success.

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Beyond that, I have lots of other work to do, and bigger/less frivolous thoughts than action figure selection, but I also have to drive.

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At the moment I'm just reaching through my collected comic book knowledge and trying to find characters that I would want toys for.

The Black terror, space hawk, Zorro, the arrow, dare devil, the shield, the blue beetle, the black hood, and a few others have made the short list.

I really want to do a microface figure but I think I'm the only person in the world that wants that.

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I had a lot of time to think on this trip, and I'm synthesizing those thoughts. I have work to do, and a long drive that I'm about to take a left of, but I'll be threading some thoughts here and there for a few days.

Defying all expectations, we are hitting the road Now.

Coming Soon:
Please put your space-affairs in space-order. Talk to your space-lawyers about living space-wills and whatnot.

A 2-in-1 RPG zine from @signalstation and @maenad.

Copy? We are go for launch in T-minus-something-something-mumble-something.

I should specify that I feel like I'm on the receiving end of this, not the giving end.

I don't anymore, but there was a time when I got by on a real Jeff Winger style mixture of charisma and bullshit.

Me to me: who the hell was impressed by you?

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I'm gonna organize all my books by the color that their pages are dyed and shelve them spine-down

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Hypocritical Kiss might be the most brutal lyrical evisceration I listen to on a regular basis.

" My temper got the best of me and when I say that I mean that I know every single word that I said was true."

"And who the hell is impressed by you. I want names of the people that we know who are falling for this."

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