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A kind person who asked to remain anonymous gave me a used Kindle oasis.

Rather than just transposing my reading list from my existing ebook reader over, I am building a new one.

Please @me with suggestions of books for me to read.

So far, I have the first few books by Samuel Delany and several by Octavia Butler. I also have three novels from The Spider pulp and Heinlein's space cadet and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Looking for adventure, scifi, and garbage pulpy stuff.

Curate your own Fediverse 


> "Go ask the duck" is my new phrase of choice when indicating that someone should use a search engine.

It also has a nice AskJeeves feel, perfect for anyone with 90s nostalgia

Oh! International customers should message me rather than buying the book through my website. I can do better on shipping and tax/customs if you go through the printing company directly.

I have this copy, and 9 more, at my apartment becuase I want them for inventory at the toy show in March, and I wanted to be able to get some good photos of them ahead of that, so I figured I'd take advantage of that to post some photos.

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These are available for sale through

And I'm working on getting more books up there.

Of course, there is a version of most of this material available in color from Wolverton's estate, but it's like 5x more expensive than mine and is missing some of what I have presented here.

PS artbooks might also have a version of this material available, and that would also be in color, but their books start at $60.

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I do comic book reprints sometimes.

Often I will just run off digest sized reprints in digest size on my home printer, but sometimes I want nice big books.

This is the 8.5x11, collected Spacehawk and Space Patrol run that I put together ... Two years ago?

The pages were all automatically cleaned and upscaled with the gnu imp and some macros. The PDF was assembled with pandoc. The resulting file was printed through Lulu's print on demand service in their cheapest paperback option.

@ajroach42 "go ask the fuck" also has a certain ring to it 🤔

"Go ask the duck" is my new phrase of choice when indicating that someone should use a search engine.

It's not as succinct as "Duck it" but it is significantly less likely to get autocorrected to fuck it.

I'm trying really hard not to feed the outrage machine this day.

The holiday shopping is in full swing, and that means that allp the restuarants within walking distance of my apartment are overrun with holiday shoppers.

I know that this is an extremely privileged problem to have. It's still super frustrating to see these places overwhelmed with people to the point that they can't reasonably function, and then to watch those people be rude as hell.

I guess I'm going grocery shopping.

You know how sometimes you'll be looking at something one of a kind on ebay and it'll have the audacity to tell you it's the last one?

It's not the last one, it's the only one. None other will ever exist ebay.

Good morning.

Or really, Late afternoon.

Good early evening.

Are there many holes out there in the space? I've only found one actual server through grep.geek


The Curse of the Faceless man was reasonably enjoyable.

I found the narration a bit heavy handed, but otherwise I thought it was spooky enough, with a couple of scenes that were really menacing, but it was ultimately still a 50s B-Movie.

Now I'm watching something called By Whose Hand, which appears to be a nice locked room mystery on a train?

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I am not having the same stuttering on my PC, so I'm not sure what the source of the problem is. I'll check the files specifications.

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This is the version I'm watching.

It has some kind of weird stuttering to it, which I assume to be a telecine artifact of some sort, Maybe a PAL/NTSC issue.

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I don't know what this is about, but the opening titles use a nice font and the score is pretty good.

And now we have a volcano. Pompeii is being buried. Apparently The Faceless Man is a monster of some sort found at the Pompeii dig site.

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Alright, I've finished power rangers turbo and The Star Wars Holiday special.

Turbo was worse than the holiday special, by the way.

Now it's time to watch The Curse of the Faceless Man, apparently.

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